Free & Low Cost Courses

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We offer a range of courses to suit different budgets

D&T:Connect - our lowest cost course which is a 2 hour after school CPD event (noteD&T together logo this is not a Teach Meet but is a formal CPD event). This is a low cost event designed to support teachers who find it difficult to access CPD. Visit the current course calendar to see up & coming D&T:Connect events. 
£10 (includes VAT)

D&T Roadshows - This is a low cost event designed to support teachers who find it difficult to access CPD.  The focus is on delivering theory work through practical and the day is a ‘light touch’ event packed full of hands on activities. The course travels the country with new content each academic year. Visit the current course calendar to see up & coming Roadshow events. 

This course includes prizes, small giveaways & a goodie bag to take away.
£80 (includes VAT)

Mid price range courses (£175) are a more traditional course with a more formal approach & an in depth focus on pedagogy. The pricing of this course aims to support schools that have a more limited budget whilst still offering a high quality course. Visit the current course calendar to see up & coming mid price range courses. 

Bespoke VIP courses are our most expensive course at £295 and the higher fee reflects the significantly greater depth of content and number of resources included as part of the day. Visit the current course calendar to see up & coming VIP Bespoke courses. 

Download the summary that gives you more details on each type of course we run as independent D&T consultants. Information on current dates and venues for all types of courses can be found on the current course calendar.

Bursary funded courses at the National STEM Learning Centre 

Courses we run on behalf of the National STEM Learning Centre are all or part funded by an enthuse bursary for eligible schools. This pays for most of the course fee plus for any accommodation required (accommodation is for 2 day courses only and only applies to courses held in York where accommodation is provided on the STEM Centre campus). The bursary funding generally covers most of the course fee, and in a small number of courses it may cover the whole fee. 

The bursary is available to any state funded school or academy (independent schools can attend but the full fee is charged). The application process isn’t complicated and is just a form to fill in. If you are accepted onto the course it means you will be awarded the bursary (assuming you meet the eligibility criteria and you attend all of the course and don’t leave early). 

Your school will be asked to pay for the course in advance to ensure you attend. Once you have attended and completed the evaluation form at the end of the course, as well as the action plan (both of which you get time to do on the course itself), your school will be issued with a refund. Note you don’t need to prove you have carried out your action plan in order to receive the bursary. 

Trainee teachers can receive the bursary as long as they can find a school who will sponsor the initial payment for the course fee (the same eligibility rules apply as mentioned above). The process is the same as previously mentioned and the school will be refunded their payment once the course has been attended and the appropriate paperwork completed.

The above outline is listed for information only. We deliver courses on behalf of the National STEM Learning Centre and do not deal with bookings or the bursary so full and accurate information must be obtained from the STEM Centre itself in order to ensure you are entitled to a enthuse bursary. 

Visit the current course calendar & look for the bursary mentioned in course outlines to see all eligible courses

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We have Lead Facilitator accreditation as part of the National STEM Learning Centre CPD Quality Mark

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