Prom & Event Photography: Paul Boyd

As well as being a D&T consultant Paul Boyd is an experienced prom and event photographer. He has experience capturing a range of different events in schools including proms, sports events, prize givings, performances, and student photos for in house records. He is also an experienced wedding and portrait photographer. 


We attend your event for FREE and bring a full photo studio to the location of your choice. The photos can be viewed almost straight away and our specialist printers can print an image in under 30 seconds. We provide either a card frame or a protective envelope to stop any images purchased from bending on the way home. As ex-teachers we understand the sensitivity of images of students and we can also provide a locked, password protected web site to view images after the event. 


Payments can be made in several ways. Cash or debit card payments can be taken on the night or the cost of one print can be included with the ticket price with additional prints being charged on the night. 

For some events it is possible to arrange a profit share with the event organiser. Contact Paul Boyd for more details. 


We can set up either a smaller studio for groups of up to five, or a larger backdrop and studio setup for groups of up to eight

Prize Giving Evening

Give your parents the ability to remember special events by providing a photography service that records the success of your students. 

To see other examples of Paul’s photography visit


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