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Delegate comments from one day training courses for teachers 

  1. I thought it was a very comprehensive day with lots of examples and tips
  2. Lots of ideas and ways to vary existing topics
  3. I feel a lot more inspired now!
  4. Very professionally presented
  5. Excellent teacher. Easy to listen to, excellent resources

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Newbridge High School – whole staff training session on peer observation

The delivery was pitched at the exact level we wanted, pace was perfect and materials were excellent. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating ……….. we have already had a flurry of peer observations. In addition we have now designated a member of support staff to administer the arrangements of observations and further coaching sessions. We have tried to launch this type of initiative previously and not had this level of success. You and your colleagues ….. have helped us bring this positive change and I grateful for the time you gave us.

Acting Principal, Lutterworth College
Julie is one of the most outstanding and innovative classroom teachers that I have had the pleasure to observe.  ……..  As a consequence her students obtain very successful outcomes and also develop their learning skills to a high level.

Head Teacher, Rushcliffe School, Nottingham

The coaching Julie offers is highly professional  - and very effective. She challenges people to become the  leaders they are capable of being and they emerge from the experience as more fulfilled individuals. Our organisation has certainly benefitted from her input.  

Under performing teacher coached by Julie Boyd
Overall this was by far the best continuous professional development exercise that I have taken in the 3 years that I have been here.

Principal who was coached by Julie Boyd
By having someone observe me as a leader and reflecting back my behaviours and others’ perceptions of me I have changed many of those behaviours which were having a negative impact on others. By changing those behaviours I feel that I am exemplifying drive, ambition, positivity, confidence, optimism and high morale to a much greater extent. Coaching has enabled me to formulate strategies to cope with negative emotions and negative behaviours in others. Coaching has raised my self esteem and self confidence. Coaching has enabled me to focus on behaviours I wish to further develop. 

Head of Department re. coaching by Julie Boyd
Can I thank you for the work you did with (name removed) last year. I’m completing her Review and it’s striking when you look at the overview of the year how much she gained in confidence in [her role] and as a team leader. We’d been very close to losing her at the end of the previous year, and you certainly helped rescue her, as it were. So many thanks. 

Manager in industry coached by Julie Boyd
I felt just outside of my comfort zone, the coaching was challenging and hard work but positive.  It included good mix of reflecting back to me, getting me to come up with solutions, and suggesting options/strategies.


Before the term ends I want to say thank you for sticking with (student name) and supporting her through the last two years in the 6th Form.  It's been a difficult time and she hit very low points from time to time.  Without your support and trust in her ability to get through we wouldn't have made it.  There are others who've helped, but you have been a shining light in sometimes a very dark place. 

You go out of your way to make things interesting in lessons which I like. You make us work hard but it is because you want us to do well. You listen to what we say and try and change things if we don’t think it is right. You make us behave but lessons are good so we don’t usually mess about anyway. 

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