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Lego, engineering, Tenner Challenge, spacesuits & handbags

Careers posters, concept cards Christmas tree revision, & e-textiles

Free engineering posters, Design Museum competition, & raising the profile of textiles

New D&T GCSE subject content released, competition prize presented & The Textiles Teacher Event is coming to London!

Inclusive design, assessment without levels, Thinsulate & sleeping bags

Silicone wedding rings, using Pinterest, & engineered textiles

Designed & Made in Britain, thinking globally, & venue details for The Textiles Teacher Event

Free courses, real life D&T, things we take for granted & 3D printed fashion

Intelligent zebra crossing, world’s largest lesson, Jeans for Genes, & an inspirational STEM day event

Curriculum consolation, tutor time resource, growth in the textiles industry, & courses for the Autumn term

My D&T journey

Happy holidays!

New GCSE & A level qualifications for D&T, famous failures, & end of term textiles clips

Colour, leaving pressies, prizes & 20 things we should say more often

Creative industries report, GCSE consolation, NQTs & menswear

Road signs, skateboards, umbrellas, & summer holiday homework

Product innovations, a new Ofsted framework, exhibitions, & competitions

Kitkat, smart materials, assessment & e-textiles

New freebie on Facebook, designing resources, exam technique, & polyester

Cycles, degree shows, & A level textiles revision

Designing by accident, using Post Its, & Teflon

Free resource offers 

VE Day activities, tutor time resources, & life cycle analysis

Designing resources, coping with exam stress & free textiles revision resource giveaway

D&T places to visit over Easter & revision planning

Designing & prototyping, assessment without levels, & revising denim

Comic relief, focus on food, applying for a new job, & boys do textiles too

Biomimicry, apprenticeships, Chinese New Year, & growth in the textiles industry

D&T related things to do over half term, Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE, & exam revision links for textiles

Copyright when designing, book recommendation & new free revision resources for textiles

Marmite, higher order thinking, & Christmas tree revision

3D printing, senior leadership, & a second industrial revolution 

D&T student conference, protective sports clothing & new course dates & venues

Useful D&T links, drip feed revision, new student website & new student competition

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