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  • Great poster from the STEM Centre on ten general top employability skills, all of which relate to D&T really well. This would also be good for tutor time. There’s also a separate sheet with a couple of ideas on how to use the tips. 
  • Great blog with ideas on improving memory and making revision easier – includes a free to download poster 
  • A potted history of sequins, from those found in Tutankhamun tomb in 1300BC to a sketch by Leonardo DaVinci in the 1480s of a machine to cut out small metal discs, which it has been speculated could have been for creating the sequin equivalent of the day, through to our modern day use of them to create all things glittery. Great if you're looking at the broader materials content of the D&T GCSE 
  • If you haven’t seen the new Hodder AQA A level product design textbook the video above shows a quick flick through the book to help you decide if it's something worth investing in. At first glance the format and information seems well laid out and accessible. Shame we have to wait until the end of January 2018 for the Fashion and Textiles one. 
  • Dick Moby is a sustainable sunglasses brand who use acetate waste to make their black glasses and bio-based acetate to create their coloured frames. The website is interesting but this video in particular might be useful as it shows how the glasses are made, from their source material through to them being packaged 
  • Timeline on the developments in e-textiles and wearables with lots of links to companies working in this area. This might be a great flipped learning resource especially for A level students.  
  • Tisha Johnson, designer for Volvo, talking about how her designs are shaping the auto industry. Great for thinking about car design generally, along with how a designer works as part of a team, plus the importance of digital design, including new technologies such as the use of virtual reality.

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Let’s Learn                            

Have you seen the following Let’s Learn resources?
Let’s Learn is a resource bank of videos, #ThinkDo activities, web links & other information designed to support learning in D&T. This resource bank is constantly being developed. 

Smart Materials

Colour change mug 2

Resources on a variety of different smart materials which currently includes materials that are thermochromic, photochromic, hydrochromic, self healing & impact resistance. See this page

Modern Materials & Technical Textiles


Resources on a variety of different modern materials which currently includes a range of technical textiles, biopolymers and visual effects such as fluorescence, reflective lenticular and ChromoFlair. See this page

Have You Seen …..

Have you seen Paul’s quick video review of the AutoCAD app? The app is free on the App Store and it allows you to either create a finished 2D CAD file or one which can be imported into Fusion 360 to turn into a full 3D CAD file. 

Competitions  Click here for information on other D&T competitions 

'Product In A Tin’ Competition (deadline 1st August 2017)

Products in a tin

The ‘Product in a Tin’ continues for a third year but with a few changes as it is now open to entries from all material areas in D&T.  Find out more about the competition & see all the resources that support teachers and students


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How to Successfully Implement the New GCSE in D&T  11th & 12th Jan 2018, Paignton, Devon (2 days) 

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Creating Intelligent Products in D&T with the micro:bit Bursary available 
17th Jan 2018, Liverpool
24th Jan 2018, Birmingham
31st Jan 2018, Nottingham
5th Feb 2018, Pontypridd
7th Feb 2018, Reading

#ThinkDoSUCCEED: How to Make Learning Stick in D&T 1st Feb 2018, Nottingham, INCLUDES EXAM TECHNIQUES & REVISION RELEVANT TO GCSE & A LEVEL

Textiles Technicians: Basic Maintenance & Servicing of Sewing Machines 9th Feb 2018, London 
Bursary available which pays the course fee

Getting to Grips with Using the Crumble Controller in D&T 13th & 14th June (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York. Bursary available which pays the course & accommodation fee.

Getting It Right in KS3, Laying Good Foundations for D&T GCSE
, 15th & 16th June (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York. Bursary available which pays the course & accommodation fee.

Teaching Electronics, Including E-textiles, in D&T GCSE 18th & 19th June 2018 (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York. Bursary available which pays the course & accommodation fee.


The Textiles Teacher Roadshow NEW DATES & VENUES COMING SOON 
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#ThinkDoSUCCEED: Maximising Results in A Level Fashion & Textiles A Level 


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