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Lots of people†have contacted us recently worried they're not receiving our regular blogs (and the email version that goes out at the same time). With the pressures of the new curriculum†keeping us very busy, and the fact that we are just a small†company of two people, we’ve found it increasingly difficult to do a weekly blog,†in fact even a monthly one has been hard, especially over the last 6 months†with the added pressure of various health and other issues. We've been able to keep on top of our social media updates,†especially Facebook, but we know that those people who don’t use social media have really missed the updates. We’re going to try and get back into a regular routine with the blog although it’s unlikely to be every week like it has been in the past, but we’re aiming for at least once a month. If you're keen for more regular updates follow our social media links as these are much easier for us to maintain.

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#ThinkDo Thursday Free Activity Cards††† † † ††

Each Thursday 2 free #ThinkDo activity cards are released on my†Facebook†page. Below are cards shared†recently. Click on the images to go to the original Facebook post to download the cards (you don’t need a Facebook account to do this).

#ThinkDo cards are quick activities with photos & thinking points to support lesson planning.†‘Like’ my†
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Have you seen the following Let’s Learn resources?
Let’s Learn†is a resource bank of videos, #ThinkDo activities, web links & other information designed to support learning in D&T.†This resource bank is constantly being developed.†

Managing the Controlled Element of the NEA

An outline of the rules for the Non Exam Assessment along with suggestions on how these can be managed†

See this page


Includes information on screen†printing, making skateboards, skateboards made from fishing nets & an 8 wheeled skateboard design that can go down steps.†

See this page

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  • AQA’s statement saying that the Technical Awards qualification has now been completely dropped after it was once again refused Progress 8 accreditation (final exam will be the one sat in 2019). For the most up to date list of qualifications that count towards Progress 8 for starting in 2020 (in addition to D&T GCSE) visit the DfE document released on 20th March.†
  • The†‘Swing’ table†that transforms from a bookcase into a table in one quick movement
  • Ballistic grade tights†that†don’t snag or ladder
  • Article on†8 ways AI will save the plant
  • Advice from†Tom Sherrington’s blog†on getting a new job

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D&T Places to Visit Over Easter††

Museums places to visit

See more ideas on the†Exhibitions, Trips & Places to Visit page (check the venue website before you travel)

Competitions††Click here†for†information on other D&T competitions

'Product In A Tin’ Competition (deadline 1st August 2017)

OPEN TO ALL MATERIAL AREAS.†There are lots of prizes including a sewing machine worth £300 for the winning school the student attends, as well†as a smaller prize for the student themselves.†Find out more†about the†competition†& see all the resources that support†teachers and students. Why not set the competition as a module of work or a homework?†

Spotlight On….

Materials Sample Pack

We get lots of requests to buy the materials samples packs we give away for free on our courses and we’ve sold these in the past but we stopped doing this as we found it hard to meet demand, especially as we do a number of packs depending on the course, and sourcing suppliers, organising†stock and the†logistics of sending out orders was a challenge. We’ve now had time†to set up new systems which are easier to manage and a mixed materials sample pack is now available to buy (with others on the way soon).†

L P3020513

The pack†consists of 31 material samples, including woods, metals, polymers and†textiles. The pack is suitable for any teacher to use†although it was originally designed to be used as†part of The Textiles Teacher Roadshow where the theme was wood, metal and polymer components used in textiles garments and products.†Although the pack was designed for textiles teachers it may also be relevant to anyone else looking for material samples. †As well as the material samples the resource comes†with†supporting handouts and resources, including†#ThinkDo cards, worksheets, and a PowerPoint.†

L P3040015

Delegates attending the Nottingham and London Roadshows†received most of the materials†samples in this pack for free (although note there are a couple of†additional samples and at that time not all of the supporting handouts and resources were available) and†anyone attending the Dorset and Ipswich Roadshows†will also receive this pack (including the newly developed supporting handouts).†

Click here to find out more about the pack

Course Updates†

Click†on the†links to find out†more†or†click hereto see the full calendar

Textiles Technicians: Basic Maintenance & Servicing of Sewing Machines†18 Apr 2018, Nottingham†
Bursary available which pays the course fee

#ThinkDoNEA: The Design Process, Creativity & Time Management†
More than just a bog†standard NEA course!
24th May 2018, Nottingham

Micro:bit courses†(with bursary)
5th June 2018, Nottingham
12th June, Liverpool
25th June, Reading
26th June, Pontypridd
27th June, Manchester
9th & 10th July (2 day residential), York

Textiles Technicians: Basic Maintenance & Servicing of Sewing Machines†6th June 2018, Nottingham†

Bursary available which pays the course fee

The Textiles Teacher Roadshow

9th June 2018, Dorset

£42 &Includes†freebies

Suitable for specialists & non specialists

Getting to Grips with Using the Crumble Controller in D&T†13th & 14th June 2018, The National STEM Learning Centre, York.Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

Getting It Right in KS3, Laying Good Foundations for D&T GCSE, 15th & 16th June 2018 (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York.†Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

Teaching Electronics, Including E-textiles, in D&T GCSE†18th & 19th June 2018 (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York.Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

Developing Knowledge & Practical Skills for D&T GCSE††22nd & 23rd June 2018 (2 days), The National STEM Learning Centre, York†
Bursary available which pays course &†accommodation†fee.

The Textiles Teacher Roadshow†30th June 2018

£42 &Includes†freebies

Suitable for specialists & non specialists

#ThinkDoNEA: The Design Process, Creativity & Time Management†
More than just a bog†standard NEA course!
11th June 2018, Nottingham

#ThinkDoSKILLS: Back to Basics: Develop Your Textiles Practical Skills (intermediate level)

16th July 2018

Textiles Technicians: Basic Maintenance & Servicing of Sewing Machines†17th Oct 2018, Nottingham†
Bursary available which pays the course fee

Technicians Supporting the New D&T GCSE
8th & 9th Nov 2018 (2 day residential), York (note we are only†delivering on day 1)†
Bursary available which pays the course fee & for†accommodation

Textiles Technicians: Basic Maintenance & Servicing of Sewing Machines†20th Nov 2018, York†
Bursary available which pays the course fee

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