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  • A new exhibition called 'Poster Girls: A Century of Art & Design’ celebrating the work of 20th & 21st Century female graphic designers and the contribution they’ve made to poster design has opened at the London Transport Museum†
  • Another new exhibition is also opening soon at the Design Museum from 15th November (until April 2018) on Enzo Ferrari. The exhibition explores Ferrari’s personality, the design and manufacturing process, famous clientele and the future of the luxury car brand all through sketches, film, models, and cars on display.†
Wilko bag for life
  • Wilko are selling bags for life that include lots of useful learning points and are a cheap product to add to a†product analysis handling kit (£1 each). One of the bags has a tessellated pattern print and the other has a knitted fabric construction print. The bags are also made of woven polypropylene and are stitched together. In addition the bags are also great inspiration for a homework getting students to design a marketing product using learning from their current module of work.
  • Great article on skeuomorphism which is where aspects of an object’s design no longer have a function, for example where design features were historically relevant but which are no longer relevant in the modern day. An example the article gives are jeans with watch pockets, reinforcing rivets and the worn look, all of which are features we deliberately recreate when designing jeans, but whose original function is no longer relevant in the modern day product. Other examples in the article include the shape of cars and the QWERTY keyboard. Great starting point for getting students thinking about design.†
  • ThesePlaytivities cards were originally designed to stimulate†discussion around†the family dining room table but they are†also great for†discussion†starting†points in tutor time, as well as some also being suitable for D&T lessons.†

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Have you seen the following Let’s Learn resources?
Let’s Learn†is a resource bank of videos, #ThinkDo activities, web links & other information designed to support learning in D&T.†This resource bank is constantly being developed.†

Design Contexts, Problems, Users & Product Inspiration


This Let’s Learn section might be particularly useful when planning lessons linked to the contextual challenge, user needs and design problems. It includes a wide range of focus areas from specific user groups, such as children, products that meet particular needs, such as footwear as well as wider design contexts such as designing†of disasters and emergencies.†See this page

†Are You Looking for Additional Funding for D&T?

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Over the last few years one of the hot topics raised during many of our courses is funding, or rather the lack of it. Following on from†these conversations with D&T teachers, heads of departments and school leaders, we've put together a list of ideas to summarise things we talk about on our courses. Not all of the ideas will be practical for all departments but many are things we’ve tried in the schools we’ve worked in ourselves in the past and we’ve also had lots of feedback that many of these ideas have helped teachers raise additional funding. While this is not an extensive list it is a good start if you are looking for ideas. See the full list.

Competitions††Click here†for†information on other D&T competitions

NEW 'Product In A Tin’ Competition (deadline 1st August 2018)

Products in a tin

After the success of the 2016 and 2017 competitions the theme of a†‘Product in a Tin’ continues for a third year. To fully reflect the changes in†the D&T GCSE†the competition is now open to any material area.†Find out more about the†2018 competition& see all the resources that support†teachers and students.


Looking for a D&T related†event visit or course to attend? Here’s a few things coming up in†the next few weeks:

Spotlight On……Courses to Support Textiles in the New D&T GCSE

Are you a textiles teacher looking for support for delivering D&T GCSE via a textiles route? We have 2 courses that might interest you; both courses are different and will offer you support and ideas for the new GCSE (as well as being relevant to KS3 and 5).

The Textiles Teacher Roadshow is a one day course on Sat 2nd Dec in London with loads of hands on practical activities that are very ‘textilesy’ and creative but which tick off the learning for the broader materials content of the GCSE. Get more information. This is a low cost course at £42 per person (but book soon aren’t many places left on this one).†

The second course is a more intense 2 day course on 27th & 28th Nov and, like the Roadshow, it looks at the delivery of the D&T GCSE from a textiles perspective, but this time in much more depth. This is a course we’re leading on behalf of the STEM Centre and it has a bursary that pays the course fee and for accommodation if you are in a state school or academy (the bursary is just a form to fill in). Get†more information.†

Course Updates†

Click†on the†links to find out†more†or†click hereto see the full calendar

Micro:bit in Secondary D&T, 20th & 21st Nov†(2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York.†Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

Developing Knowledge & Practical Skills for D&T GCSE†24th & 25th Nov (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York.†Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

How to Successfully†Implement the New GCSE in D&T Through Textiles
27th & 28th Nov (2 day residential), The National STEM†Learning Centre, York†
Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

The Textiles Teacher Roadshow†2nd Dec,†

£42 &Includes†freebies†

#ThinkDoSUCCEED: Maximising Results in AQA Fashion & Textiles A Level†

4th Dec, 2017, Nottingham

Preparing to Teach the New D&T AS & A Levels
8th & 9th Dec 2017 (2 days)†Bursary available for state funded schools which pays for the course fee/accommodation

Leading an Effective D&T Department
14th & 15th December 2017, 26th & 27th March 2018, York
(2 x 2 day†residentials. Delegates must attend all 4 dates).†Note we're only involved in the delivery of some sessions.†Bursary available for state funded schools which pays for the course fee/accommodation

How to†Successfully†Implement the New GCSE in D&T†11th & 12th Jan 2018, Paignton, Devon†(2 days)†

Bursary available which pays course fee

#ThinkDoSUCCEED: How to Make Learning Stick in D&T†1st Feb 2018, Nottingham, INCLUDES EXAM TECHNIQUES & REVISION RELEVANT TO GCSE & A LEVEL

Textiles Technicians: Basic Maintenance & Servicing of Sewing Machines†9th Feb 2018, London†
Bursary available which pays the course fee

Getting to Grips with Using the Crumble Controller in D&T†13th & 14th June (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York.Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

Getting It Right in KS3, Laying Good Foundations for D&T GCSE
, 15th & 16th June (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York.†Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.†

Teaching Electronics, Including E-textiles, in D&T GCSE†18th & 19th June 2018 (2 days). The National STEM Learning Centre, York.Bursary available which pays the course &†accommodation†fee.

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