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Fashion design app for the iPad

3D Printing

3D printing video

3D printing various links (including several via ‏@DavidBarlex)

3D printing applications

3D printing inspired by animal designs

Football cleats

Filosoy - 3D printing filament that is renewable, biodegradable & recyclable

3D printed tomoto ketchup cap that prevents contents separating

123D Design - iPad video tutorial

3D printed shapes with tiny hinges for use as a textiles material

Example bid for funding for a 3D printer

Adidas 3D printed running shoe

Visual guide to solving common problems when using a 3D printer

Article on 3D printing

Threeasfour, fashion company who use 3D printing

3D printing exhibition photos - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


A table revising the different types of plastics and their uses (@DTrevision) 

Wheat used for bioplastics

Making biopolymers from milk and vinegar


Variety of biomimicry links (including one via @DT_Edu_LJMU)

Biomimicry, article on 5 animals inspiring products

TED Talk by Ross Lovegrove on organic design inspired by nature (via @JonMartlewCPD, @BrynTech)

Making biopolymers from milk and vinegar 

My Pinterest board on biomimicry

Food inspired by nature (includes a link via Louise Davies on the Food Teachers Facebook Group)

Robots vs Animals website with T&L resources

14 examples of biomimicry

Biomimicry summary (Louise T Davies on the Textile Teachers Centre Facebook group)

Pinterest images

Janine Benyus who first coined the word biomimicry & websites on biomimicry

Tissue engineering to create fabrics & the work of Amy Congdon


Careers in D&T, CareersFuture morphCareers gameTomorrow’s EngineersCareers, video on careers in D&T

Careers in designSTEM careersAudi STEM resources (includes careers), Women in engineering  poster (via @TheIET, @Tomorrows_Eng), STEM careers for girls

DFS Who’s behind your sofa?

Careers in engineering (via Bren Hellier on Facebook)

Careers in Food (via Jessica Loxley on Sarah Middleton - Food Technology Teachers Network Facebook Group) 

Careers in Food Technology


Free engineering poster

Careers posters

Engineering statistics

Costume designerCostume designer

Sustainability Fashion Degree

Visit to De Montfort Uni & Manchester Met (textiles)

AllCreative website

Circular Economy

Circular Economy resources, Circular Economy

Circular Economy with a cool twist

Curriculum Changes

New KS3 D&T Curriculum 2014

Food Tech Resources for the new curriculum

GCSE & A Level Reform (June 2014)

Advice from Louise Davies on completing the GCSE & A level curriculum review

NAHT document on life after levels

Hiltingbury Junior School Learning Ladder to show progression

The Assessment Uncertainty Principle (via @headguruteacher & @AndyMitchell14)

New D&T and Cooking & Nutrition GCSE - consultation

Help with filling in the GCSE consultation forms

Dare to be different

Rohan Chhabra's clothing sculptures

Tom Dixon's clothes that transform into luggage & camping equipment

Knitting with plastic bags

Quirky product designs (hoodie, t.shirt, carpet, handbag)

Unusual products for pets - high vis chicken jacket, horse compression suit, horse onesie

Knitting with a difference - knitted anatomy, denim body parts & embroidered & knitted bodies (warning the last one is a bit gruesome in places!)

Unusual shoe designsBackwards shoes

Unusual hoodie designBackpack with hoodie, 

Business tie with squeaker inside to keep the kids entertained

Pillow for those who sleep in odd positions

Unusual sofa designs

Designers & Influential Figures in D&T

Alessi (includes link via @MrsD_Helen)

Jonathan Ives

Icons of design (featured in John Lewis store magazine)

Dick Powell talking about designing new Ideal Standards bathroom range



Design classics


Ettorre Sottass

Herman Miller

Jenny Sabin (architect who uses textiles structures inspired by nature)

Wayne Hemingway, D&T Futures lecture by Wayne Hemingway

Mr X Stitch (Jamie Chalmers, embroidery)

Kaffe Fassett 

Patrick Grant


Paul Smith ‘A Suit to Travel in

British Textiles

ChanelNew uses for traditional materials (Chanel using balsa wood)

Miguel Caballero (tailor who creates bullet proof fashion)

Stephanie Kwolek, the woman who invented Kevlar

George de Mestral, inventor of Velcro

Gideon Sundback who invented the zip

Fiona Fairhurst, inventor of Speedo's Fastskin fabric and swimsuit

Wallace Carothers, inventor of nylon

William Perkin, who discovered the first synthetic dye 

Mary Quant, iconic fashion designer famous for the mini skirt

Michele Carragher who works in the Game of Throne’s costume department doing embroidery 

Story behind the Ikea Poang chair including interview with the designer

Färg and Blanche - wood tailoring

G-Star Raw crossover projects

Eames paper elephant activity

Apple iMac


How designers use sketching to communicate (@JDF)

Design inspired by art

Design / art inspired window displays

Hidden messages in logo design (via @ydxy)

Unusual design ideas & products (including from @DTcanonlee)

Using snowflakes as design inspiration  

M&S archive

Unusual furniture designs

Good & bad design

Designing using rubbish

Fold up boat in a bag (via pinterest Designvagabond)

Design Council video on design in small businesses (via @TuxfordDESIGN @AST_Teg)

Products that don’t work for left handed people (via @DT_Rocks)

A fun take on branding (via Paul Boyd & Steve Rutherford)

Psychology of colour in design (via @Textilesteacher & @phstd27)

Thinking outside the box - unusual design (including link from @theDTguy)

Padded car to prevent accidents, car design

50 great inventions

Designing for hospital patients

Democratic Design (Ikea)

Tutorial on shading & toning cylindrical objects (via @copicmarker)

Working with a client (video)

‘Shift happens’ video on change & how it impacts on everyone (from D&TA Facebook page)

Silly & useless products (via Sarah Tapp on the Product Design Surgery Facebook group)

User centred design, User needs

Creation of McLaren’s F1 handbook

Volvo truck design process video

Good or bad design - includes donut burger, rotating park bench, cardboard surfboard, innovative kettle, quirky products by Dutch design company

Ergonomics & anthropometrics

Designing, Designing resources including website to generate colour palettes, free designing guides from IDEO, Loughborough uni & Design Council

Logo design

Designing by accident

Free behaviour change resource cards

Free Dyson challenge cards

Rebranding of KitKat

Designed and made in Britain

History of Pantone, Pantone Studio App

642 things to draw

Focus on users (designing fashion for wheelchair users, clerical fashion line, flat pack slippers, canine couture)

Not copying the designs of others

Wacky product combinations

AQA 2016 marine life pre-release theme

Form v Function (umbrella)

History of fashion (Chanel)

Short video on 100 years of fashion

Short video on 100 years of fashion and dance (via Kay Lilleyman)

Celebrating the influence of David Bowie on fashion

Unpleasant Design website 

Free download with 40 ideas on thinking differently when designing

Iterative design

Global Design Day (includes enterprise type challenges)

British Dyslexia Association design guidelines

Design Contexts & Users

Pre-order the Future - videos on mobility, learning, entertainment, travel & public space

Universal design

Designing for well being

Inclusive design

Mobility Designed & Morph Wheels

Left handed products

D&T Week

Quick activity ideas

More quick activity ideas

British Science Week


Engineering quotes (via ‪@DTcanonlee‬ @WonderfulEngr)

Engineering quiz (via ‪@Tomorrows_Eng ‪@AtkinsGraduates)

IET short festive video on STEM

E-textiles & wearables

Sustainability of e-textilesEnvironmental issues & e-textiles 

Interactive football jersey

Hug shirt

Black Eyed Peas & Take That costumes

Belt to ease back pain

The future of wearables

Mercedes-Benz advert with interactive suit

How wearables will impact on health products

Astronaut suit for travel to Mars

Cute Circuit e-textiles , the iMiniSkirtHow Cute Circuit got started, 

Guitar t.shirt that plays music

T.shirt that beats in time to your heart

Smart curtain burglar alarm

LED jacket that responds to music

Heated gloves from 1911

Making conductive gloves

Barbie & e-textiles (@CuteCircuit @ckrub @gizmag)

NASA space suit vote

Interview with wearables designer Anouk Wippercht

Raglite flexible lighting system

Ikea LED rug

Various e-textiles products

Tommy Hilfiger clothing with solar panels

Wearable solar work of Pauline Vandongen 

Illuminated Couture - quirky e-textiles products

miCoach sensor football

smart phone controlled LED dog vest

Wearable for Good competition by Unicef

Cute Circuits LED uniforms for Easy Jet

Google Project Jacquard

Visijax cycle jacket with LED signals activated by arm movement

Stylish trench coats that heat up

Gloves translate sign language

Programmable plaid from Jorge & Esther

Designing with smart textiles


E-textiles on an industrial scale

Fabric construction (textiles)

Nike Flyknit trainers

Knitting with a difference - knitted anatomy

Knitted car exhaust sleeve for greater emission control 

Knitting industry - cosmetics embedded into knitted fabrics & seamless knitted underwear

Knitting with plastic bags

Knitting with dog hair

Knitting including - British Christmas jumper company, knitted medical implants, Nike Flyknit, whole garment technology


Knitting video - how loops are created (via Heather Boult)

Knit for Peace

Wet felting by fashion designer Jenny Hill

For Food Teachers

Resources for Food teachers (@jane_workman and @GrainChain)

Food Technology Teachers Network (Sarah Middleton's Facebook Group)

Breakfasts from around the world (Sarah Middleton's Facebook Group)

Bugs for dinner (via @Teach_Design)

Wheat - uses from flour to biofibres

Revision resources for AQA Food


Taste testing

Food - a fact of life free download resources

Food Teacher’s Centre (Louise T Davies Facebook Group), Food Teachers Centre Facebook group Sunday night online support

Food science videos on food & drink preparation in industry (via Food Teachers Centre)

Tips on implementing the new KS3 curriculum (via Food Teachers Centre)

Food Tech Resources for the new curriculum

Food inspired by nature (includes a link via Louise Davies on the Food Teachers Facebook Group)

Food Teachers Centre website

Oloves - new snack product

Marmite & Pot Noodle flavoured Easter eggs

Infographic on statistics in the food industry (via Food Teacher’s Centre)

Stefan Gates Gastronaut You Tube channel (via Food Teacher’s Centre)

BBC Gastro Lab and Secret Clips of our Favourite Ingredients (via Food Teacher’s Centre)

Catering equipment company

Eat well Guide

Edible insect farming

Industrial Practice

Fruits of the Loom - images of industrial machinery

American Apparel machinery & manufacture pictures

Maker’s Row - manufacturing clips from inside American factories

North Face - how the company research & develop a product

Health & Safety in the textiles industry

Laser cut textiles video

The Fabric of Jack - Jack Willls website

Let’s Make It Here - database of designers & companies related to fashion & textiles in the UK


Solidwool new sustainable composite material


Carbon fibre (including links via Twitter from @DTcanonlee @BBCTech, @mrcharlwood and Yvonne Dixon on Pinterest)

Ultra-Ever Dry superhydrophobic & oleo phobic coating

Smart materials

Thermochroic liquid crystal video

Metaklett, a steel velcro-like substance

Video on self healing plastic (via@theDTguy)

Smart materials 

Shape memory polymer

Buying fibre sample packs


Fabric collection for sale in the V&A shop

Wool processing (via KT O’rton on Textiles Surgery Facebook group), resources on wool from Woolmark, focus on wool (various resources including one via Amber Reeson on the Textiles Teachers Centre Facebook group and Wellington School Textiles on Pinterest), wool used for tennis ballsWool facts e.g. properties, uses, gallery, is using wool as cruel as using fur

High tech uses of silk

Singing the praises of polyester (song/video)

Use of Spandex in Star Trek costumes

Low pill fleece fabric 


Cotton blended with silver 

DenimAnother use for denim

Nike Grind


Glow in the dark thread, dye & beads

Never Wet - superhydrophoic nanotechnology coating

Spray on clothes

Cotton & silver blended fabrics

Breathable fabrics

Andy Murray’s tennis racket (@iom3)

Artificial grass

Jute geofibres

Reflective & fluorescent materials , reflective textiles (including buying materials)


Knitted car exhaust sleeve for greater emission control 

The debate about the definition of smart and modern materials

Carbon fibre (including links via Twitter from @DTcanonlee @BBCTech, @mrcharlwood and Yvonne Dixon on Pinterest)

High tech fabrics for transport seating

Cotton blended with silver

Reflectra transfer foil

Performance wear materials used by North Face

Future fashion video with lots of STEM references

Eco friendly sunglasses from hemp & flax composite

US Navy welding seams using sound waves

Pharrell Williams suit made out of 3M reflective fabric as well as his clothing collection with Adidas


Colour changing umbrella and raincoat

3D printed fashion


Virgin Galactic space tourist space suits & the design work of Yohji Yamamoto and Y-3

Jenny Sabin (architect who uses textiles structures inspired by nature)

Polymer £5 note

Wear2 disappearing thread

Designing for fire fighters

Thermochromic textiles

Bridge building using grasses, hemp and flax

Innovative new materials all designers should watch

Tableware from plant fibres

Materials science in costume making


D&T Posters to buy from Daydream Education 

Crest Award

How retailers decide on selling prices, value for money etc. 

Dissasembly of products by photographer Todd McLellan

IET free resources on reverse engineering

Making teaching health and safety more interesting

Free resource from Boardworks including video on vacuum forming, sewing machine poster, careers poster

Mechanisms video

Lego - history, use in education, working car, braille machine, bottle cap, fashion, weaving loom (including via @RogerFrancis1)

Periodic table of design

D&T in the World Cup (history of the World Cup football, logos, kit designs & the World Cup trophy)

What is Graphic Design?

Health & Safety in the workplace

JambleD&T website by James Bleach, Also click here for more info on this website

Student D&T conference at Hereford Cathedral school

Copyright issues

Video on the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi

VE Day commemorations

D&T resources for primary schools from John Lewis

Colour palettes

CLEAPSS D&T newsletter

Laser cut textiles video

Innocent's Big Knit Campaign

How stitches are formed on a sewing machine (Louise T Davies on Textile Teachers Centre Facebook group)

Tailor’s dummies from Ikea

Laser cut textiles

Animation showing how stitches are formed (@lbruning)

Male role models in textilesMen who Sew

Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust Charity

Ikea advert on a world without textiles

A-Z of textiles video by Ikea

Keeping a sketchbook (Zandra Rhodes) (Via @EHS_Textiles @TheTextileBlog)

The Winter Olympics 2014 - team kits, flags & high tech designs

Making a raptor dinosaur costume

Quilting in space (via @sewingdirectory)

Online textiles dictionary (includes translations in different languages)

Embroidered wallpaper

4 metre ‘Hard home’ embroidery of a ‘White Walker’ from Game of Thrones 

D&T in the World Cup (history of the World Cup football, logos, kit designs & the World Cup trophy)

Knit a year project

VanGils - marketing of suits using the ‘lion whisperer'

Secret history of 5 Hollywood costumes

22 textiles info graphics

Half size tailors dummies

Making a tailor’s dummy from duct tape


Textiles industry statistics

STEM Day at Uckfield Community Technology College

Jeans for Genes day

Raising the profile of textiles (video via Jill Lesbirel)

Metropolitan Museeum of Art - free books catalogue

Esme Young (Sewing Bee judge)

Exploring the flow of water using Lego to build dams

Open evenings

Mixed materials products

Eames inspired Nike footwear in plywood and leather

Rhode Island Design School furniture project


New uses for traditional materials (Chanel using balsa wood)


12 innovative packaging designs (via ‏‪@phstd‬)

Packaging design 

30 shopping bag designs (@cranny44 @boredpanda)

Edible takeaway boxes

Packaging that turns into something else rather than being thrown away

Printing & Dyeing 

Sharpie ‘Stained’ fabric pens


Tie and dye

Preparing cotton fabric for printing & how screen printing is done (via HAB Textiles Facebook page)


Visual timeline of Braun products

Smart foam used to make expanding furniture

Fletcher Capstan collapsible table

Origami door design

‘Bottled Waterman’ waterproof MP3 player packaged in a bottle of water

Adult sized Little Tikes car

Producks - product design company 

Making guitars (@PJCAnderson)

Bruynzeel My Grip pen - ergonomic design

Indestructible football 

Airlander airship

Gulping fish eggs separator (via @designboom @FernwoodDT)

Lakeland gadgets you never knew you needed (via Jan Donoghue on Product Design Surgery Facebook group)

Rethinking the traditional packed lunch

Self stirring saucepan

Whole room in a box

BMW concept car, BMW & Renault concept cars

Evolution of the bicycle (video), Teaching resources on Brompton Bicycles , how bikes are made, cycling clothing & accessories, Gi FlyBike, Manuel Rossel bike storage furniture

Product analysis ideas & links to unusual product designs

Boon innovative baby products

Innovative products by Qualy

Chatsworth House ‘Make Yourself Comfortable’ exhibition

Interactive clothing bank that lights up when something is donated

Wheelbarrow chair for children

Skateboards, Stair-Rover skateboard

Road signs

Intelligent Zebra crossing 

Ikea interactive light (including video by Dale Mears)

‘Zippered’ flat material structures based on origami

Digital clock displaying maths problems you have to solve to tell the time

Silicone wedding rings

iFetch, product that plays ‘fetch’ with your dog for you


Best inventions of 2015

REBO wall

Community gym

Bionic boot

Disassembly activities


Tennis rackets

Football kit design

Virgin cabin crew uniform made of recycled bottles

Underwear - including Cancer detecting brabra that allows you to carry valuables, history of the brahow to make a bra, smart vest that monitors healthelectric pants to prevent bedsores, kevlar socks

Making a hot air balloon

Shoe making with a difference

North Face seamless jacket

World Cup 2014 football - how its made

Textiles & rugby (technology used in World Cup jerseys, history of the rugby ball, evolution of the rugby ball)

Designing t.shirts for the World Cup (via @theDTguy & @phstd)

Innovative slipper design

Uniform fails

Sports protection gear including Armourgel technology, airbag jackets, jackets that display motorbike indicator lights, history of the cricket helmet

Bags & shoesHandbags

Umbrellas (including colour changing)

Menswear design

Sleeping bags


Dyson hair dryer

Team GB Olympic kit

The BeatBot by Puma (links to Micro:bit)

Lamp powered by gravity

Thumb guards made of fabric to stop thumb sucking

Swiss Army style keyring

Redesigning tongue depressors to improve the user experience

Rethinking community benches

Kazbrella - umbrella redesign

The Beach Vault - secure storage for the beach

Build your own custom bamboo bike

Iconic chairs from the 50s

Canoe that folds up the size of a suitcase

Developing hearing aids

EnChroma glasses for colour blindness

100 years of handbags

Pet carriers from U-Pet that are a little bit different

How the design of the bicycle led to the invention of the airplane

Ballet flat shoes made from recycled plastic bottles using 3D knitting 

Brum Brum bike

Zubits magnetic fasteners for laces

T.shirt with integrated baby carrier

Solar Puff light

Watches made of wood

Nubrella - hands free umbrella

Project Ideas (textiles)

Felted Remembrance Day poppies (Veronica Bridget)Knitted poppies

DIY cat tent from a t.shirt

Dress a Girl Around the World

I am Supercapes

A colouring book you can wear

Promoting the textiles industry

A second industrial revolution

Interview on how new technologies are supporting the development of the industry

Textiles, fashion & engineering 

Prototyping & Testing

Free poster download of how Dyson engineers prototype using cardboard

Testing sports equipment

Product testing - includes Audi cars, quality control at Bentley and MacDonalds

Product testing - insane ways people tested their products, testing bullet proof vests


Disassembling products

Testing sports equipment

Fabric testing

Modelling in miniature 

Testing bullet proof vests

Giant baby stroller

Time lapse video of clay modelling of a Mercedes car (via @jim1982)



Extended Research Qualification - STEM resources

Future morph

Smart materials resource 

National STEM Centre resources

Audi STEM resources (via Anne Lenton‎ in theTextiles Surgery Facebook group)

British Science Week & British Science Association

Values Issues

Climate change doors at Manchester Met Uni

Practical Action 'Small is....' resources (small changes make a big difference)

Impact of carrier bags on the environment (@textilesteacher)

Decomposition rates of marine debris (via @Nikjamesd & ‏‪@Danny_Wilkinson‬)

Video on sustainability (via @DT_Hallmead ‏‪@ALevelProduct‬)

Trash to Treasure upcycling 

Practical Action’s Technology Justice resources

Fair Trade, Fair Trade

Thinking Globally

Fair phone - phone aiming to improve impact of electronics

Socks in tin - for every pair of socks bought a pair is given to a homeless charity

Lottie doll

Gender stereotypes in fashion

Cost of fast fashion 

Journey of a t.shirt

Nike t.shirt made from recycled bottles (video) 

Practical Action Sustainability resources

Denim made from recycled plastic bottles & food trays

Thread made from recycled plastic bottles

Fair Trade & organic cotton

World map to show where clothes come from & wider impact of production

Circular Economy in textiles

Clothing mountain & textile waste

Responsibilities of a designer

Sustainability at North Face

Recycling North Face products by returning to store

Video on what sustainability is

Eco materials - buying them online

App that helps designers make informed choices about materials & their environmental impact

Sustainable design in textiles

Social, moral & environmental issues - including M&S Schlepping, fashion as a platform for protest, snakeskin fabric production, Top Shop’s Reclaim to Wear, ethical fashion debate

Company who makes woven fabric from plastic bags

Use of textile waste to reinforce buildings against earthquakes

H&M approach to sustainable design

What happens to clothes when you donate them to charity

High performance yarn made of waste plastic

Ethically produced banana fibre fabrics

Life cycle analysis

Will.i.am’s Ekocyclemovement website

Environmentally friendly fibres

Knit for Peace

Yarn from plastic bags

Justin Bieber tour t.shirts with a spelling mistake

Sustainable tent for emergency shelter based on biomimicry

Book Design with a message about animal welfare

Viktor & Rolf Vagabond recycled collection

Recycled products from old airplane materials

Infographic on how coca cola recycles plastic bottles

Korean designer Woojai Lee who uses recycled newspaper to make furniture 

Fashion revolution online magazine covering SMSC issues

Textiles techniques

History of fastenings

Ballet flat shoes made from recycled plastic bottles using 3D knitting 

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