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Assessment for Learning

Using verbal feedback (@KLS_DTDept)

QuestioningQuestioning technique - using lolly sticksPhone a friendquestioning strategies 

Scratch cardsscratched revision

Learning Objectives

Starters & Learning Objectives (via www.learningspy.co.uk & Blackfriary on the TES)

AFL book recommendation

Life after levels website

Behaviour Management

Use of yellow and red cards similar to football

Reviewing your behaviour management strategies

Use of secret students

Behaviour management & the use of praise

Behaviour management checklist

John Bailey videos on behaviour management

Tips on dealing with confrontation

Behaviour management - Paul Dix behaviour 'agony aunt’ videos

The honeymoon is over (behaviour management after the first 6 weeks of term!)

Behaviour management tips from Bill Rogers (via Tom Sherrington)

General T&L tips & ideas

Lesson activity list

Noise level appNoise levels & use of sound/musicUsing music & sound to support T&L and behaviour management, 

Raffle tickets

Young Ambassadors (Global Campaign for Education)

The value of team work

Ideas for stepping outside your T&L comfort zone

T&L ideas leading up to Christmas

Word clouds

Countdown timer

Learning Avatars

Beginnings of lessons

Working with gifted and talented students

Working with boys, Book recommendation on teaching boys

Psychology of learning (via @RogerFrancis)

Top tips on group work

Leadership role cards for students

Seating plans

Flipped learning

Outstanding learning behaviours

The Teacher’s Toolkit book by Paul Ginnis

Using Post Its in T&L

5 minute plenaries that make every minute count


Dealing with difficult people

The value of teamwork

Changing behaviours (includes videos)

Dancing man video - importance of first followers 

Fun quiz on change management

New to leadership? , New to Leadership (Sept feature)

Ofsted and leadership

Young leaders 

Anyone can become a leader

Leadership role cards for the classroom

Being a leader rather than a manager 

Dealing with negative people

Dealing with conflict situations (via @RogerFrancis1)

Motivating people 

Senior leadership - tips on interviews & applications, ‘School Leaders’ Facebook group

Applying for a leadership role

Using Pinterest in the classroom

Lesson Planning & Observations

Ofsted Outstanding, Ofsted outstanding checklistOfsted changes July 2014Ofsted observations, Ofsted Sept 2015 changes

5 minute lesson plan (via @TeacherToolkit), Digital 5 minute lesson plan

What makes an outstanding D&T lesson? (via Eugene Haynes on Sarah Middleton’s Food Technology Teacher’s Network Facebook group)

Tips from Jackie Beere’s book ‘The Perfect Ofsted Lesson

Literacy & Numeracy

Placemat resources (@leevanbaaren / John Donnelly)

Literacy & numeracy

Marking & Assessment 

Marking & assessment tips (via Sarah Middleton Facebook group)

NQT blog on marking tips

Video on why there are no levels in the new curriculum

Assessment without levels, Assessment advice from David Didau

A Marked Improvement - report by EEF 2016

Ofsted advice on marking 2016


Smart wall paint to create your own white boards

Importance of sleep

Reducing the impact of hay fever during exam season

Cat & dog teaching styles (video)


Understanding qualifications

How the brain works

Autism spectrum 

Flipping phrases - from positive to negative

Applying for job and interview tips

Summer holiday homework, Summer holiday work

The world’s largest lesson celebrating sustainable development (various subjects)

Year 12 work experience

Homework idea

Motivational videos

Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits

Action Jackson motivational videos

‘Shift happens’ video on change & how it impacts on everyone (from D&TA Facebook page)

Famous failures (via @SLT_Kat)


Your first parent's evening as an NQT

Tips for NQTs, SecEd tip for NQTs

NQTs and Ofsted

Advice & support for NQTs & their mentors

Thinking Skills

Thinking skills

Discussion skills - Blooms Taxonomy & De Bono’s Thinking Hats

Bloom's Taxonomy , Blooms according to Homer Simpson

Top tips on higher order thinking

Tutor time activities

Tutor time activities , Maps of the world, 

New Year resolutions

Video on not just focusing on money when planning your future

Attitude out numbers hard work and knowledge

Dealing with different types of stress

PSHE Association resources

Teamwork videos

20 things we should say more often

Video by Suli Breaks: having friends who add to your life rather than take from it

Things we take for granted

Supporting mental health issues in the classroom

Sport Relief

Getting to know your new tutor group, Getting to know you activities,

DNA journey - Video on how we all have more in common than we think

Playtivities cards with discussion points for tutor time


Revision activities & famous quotes to motivate students to believe in themselves

Active revision

Drip feed revision, Drip feed revision activities

Last minute revision ideas

Revising keywords

Starting revision early, Starting revision early

Detailed exam answer tip - explain it to your grandma

Making revision notes more interesting

Online revision aids - making flashcards etc.

Avoiding distractions at revision time

Various sites giving students advice on coping with revision and stress

Students describe what it’s like to revise for GCSEs, A levels, and at uni

TES video on preparing students for exams (via Sarah Middleton Facebook Group)

Attitude out numbers hard work and knowledge

Using a Christmas tree for revision, Christmas tree revision & other ideas

Coping with exam stress

Exam technique tips, CUSTARD exam technique

Revision bags

Tips on maintaining energy levels, concentration & memory during exams

The Learning Scientists - great resources on revision

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