Little Life Survival Kit

I recently bought this Little Life Survival Kit for a friend. It stood out to me as it was both something with a little bit of humour to lighten the day, as well as having a more serious message of support during a challenging time. 

L IMG 7080

As well as being a nice way of showing support, from my perspective as a coach, the kit reminded me that even simple objects around us can generate humour, thinking and discussion, all of which are useful in coaching. 

Some coaching conversations can be challenging; the coachee can get ‘stuck’ in a loop with a particular type of thinking that can be hard to move beyond, or the coach themselves can lose focus on what questions might be the best ones to ask next.

On these occasions something random and slightly off the wall can work better than something meaningful and planned. Sometimes this can also lead to humour that lightens the moment and which is just the thing the coachee and coach needs to help them move forward. 

Next time you are in a coaching conversation and you are stuck for what to say next, try being a little off the wall and get the coachee to look around them.:

  • What do they see? How does it relate to their current situation? What if seeing that particular object somehow could lead to a way forward, what might that be? 
  • What would they put in their Little Life Survival Kit?
  • What would they put in their Little Life Survival Kit to give to someone else

This month's free photo download to prompt reflection:

Book doorway 1396

How can the image be used as a metaphor for something that is happening in your life (good or bad)? What does it spark inside you in terms of seeing a new way forward you had not previously considered? 

Save the image to your downloads folder.

Let me know how you used the photo

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