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I am lucky enough to have 2 office spaces to work in, one that is a practical space with all of my machines and equipment set up ready to use, and another as a more traditional office for computer and more general work. When not out running training or doing in school support I spend most of my days in these two spaces. As with many self employed businesses my hours can be long so how these spaces are set up is important to me and to how productive I am. 


With the recent warm weather it has been hard to focus on work, with the temptation of the outdoors being strong! Added to this is the fact that the high temperatures have made the rooms difficult to keep cool making working uncomfortable. I am currently working on a couple of very challenging projects and this, combined with the heat and the temptation of the outdoors, meant I was finding it hard to motivate myself. 

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On these types of days I set up an office outside. It takes a bit of planning and organising but it is worth the effort. I find that being outdoors gives a sense of well being that it is hard to get when you are inside. Even though our garden is small and in an inner city we have lots of greenery that attracts a lot of wildlife and it is easy to forget you aren’t somewhere else more exotic. 

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For colder days we have a summer house which provides an alternative workspace. It sounds glamorous but it is basically just an old shed that was in the garden when we bought it and we just emptied it and painted it white. 

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Whilst it isn’t possible to use my outdoor office every day in the summer, both because of the British weather and also because of the type of work I am doing and resources I need to hand, it is always a welcome treat when I am able to get outside and work in the open air. These types of days always remind me of the importance of paying attention to your own well being and how something small can make a big difference. It is also a reminder of how being outside can boost feelings of well being and that it is important not to be cooped up inside all of the time.  

What’s your work environment like? What little changes could you make to make it a more productive space?

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