The Singing Bin Man


As education consultants we often ask the questions  ‘do you do what everyone else does?’ and ‘do you do what you’ve always done?’. These questions aim to get teachers to reflect on how they make decisions and whether these decisions are informed. The first question encourages reflection on whether decisions are influenced by factors that aren’t always relevant to the individuals own situation and where they are simply following the lead of others. The second question encourages reflection on whether the same choices are always being made without them achieving the desired outcome, in which case a different approach may be better. We often use these two questions with the hashtag #ThinkDifferent as a way of summarising this approach and encouraging constant reflection. 

The idea of #ThinkDifferent came to mind on a trip to Cambridge recently where we saw this Cambridge busker’s singing in a bin! His approach was humorous, quirky and very different attracting a lot of interest from tourists. A simple #ThinkDifferent idea that made him stand out from the crowd.

Next time you are making a decision reflect on:

Do you do what you always do?

Do you do what everyone else does?

How can you #ThinkDifferent?

This month's free photo download to prompt reflection:

How can the image be used as a metaphor for something that is happening in your life (good or bad)? What does it spark inside you in terms of seeing a new way forward you had not previously considered? 

Save the image to your downloads folder.

Let me know how you used the photo

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