Welcome to 2017!


As the new year starts lots of people will begin 2017 with at least one new year’s resolution. I personally don’t tend to see the new year as a big time for change and prefer instead to reflect and change throughout the whole year. Indeed since I have been involved in coaching I have been far less likely to have a new year’s resolution for this reason. 

As with any change at any time of the year, maintaining a resolution or change is the real key. I spotted this pad recently and it reminded me of the coaching process as it breaks down individual goals into smaller targets which is a great way to help ourselves to stick to a resolution or promise of change. It is often the process of regular reflection and review that helps us recognise why we want to make the change in the first place, as well reflection this that allows us a few slip ups along with way without us just giving up at the first hurdle. 

What’s your new year resolution?

What will you do to help you review your progress and help you to stick to it?

This month's free photo download to prompt reflection:

Girls brick set 1245

How can the image be used as a metaphor for something that is happening in your life (good or bad)? What does it spark inside you in terms of seeing a new way forward you had not previously considered? 

Save the image to your downloads folder.

Let me know how you used the photo julie@julieboyd.co.uk

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