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It is often said that doing something creative keeps people active and helps them relax. Being someone who teaches a creative subject I am bound to agree with this! Any kind of interest or hobby, creative or not, is something that helps people address the work life balance many of us feel constantly challenges us. Many coaching sessions often focus on coachees trying to get this balance and questions about hobbies and interests are a natural starting point.

Knit for peace

This year the Knit for Peace charity produced a research report on the health benefits of knitting, something that was of particular interest to me as a teacher of a subject that includes this skill. The report found that there are significant health benefits of knitting, including lowering blood pressure, increasing sense of well being and purpose, encouraging activity, offering opportunities for social interaction as well as much more. The report also identified that the benefits increased when knitters had a reason to knit beyond the obvious family and friends. 

These findings were of interest to me both as a textiles specialist, and someone who has been interested in knitting for as long as I can remember, as well as in my role as a coach. From the perspective of coaching I’m interested in how I might use questions about how coachees use their leisure time, and how this might focus on a variety of creative areas, not just knitting. 

I’m also interested in the idea that the benefits of a creative hobby might be increased when there is a wider purpose. The aim of the Knit for Peace organisation is to support those in need, whether it be refugees from Syria, street children in India or for hospitals in the UK, along with giving knitters a purpose for their work. 

What interests do you have outside of work that helps give a work life balance?

In what ways does this benefit you?

Do your interests benefit others in any way?

Find out more about Knit for Peace including seeing the the Knit for Peace report on the benefits of knitting

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