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This section of the website is very different to the rest of the site. Most of the rest of the website focuses on my work as an Education Consultant but this section is all about my designer maker alter ego!

This section may be of interest to teachers but it will be of particular interest to those of you who are interested in the textiles work I do outside of teaching. 

Textiles and me

I have a passion for designing and making and have been interested in this all of my life. In my job as a D&T teacher I have been fortunate that this has played a key role and an added bonus has been that my job has allowed me to share my passion with others, both young an old. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone else’s achievements and talents knowing that you have played a small part in their development.  

Although I am interested in designing and making generally, my particular interest is within textiles. Hardly a day goes by without me doing some sort of textiles work and I love to experiment and be creative. 

About my work

I am a bit of a 'Jekyll and Hyde’ with the textiles work I do on a personal level. My ‘day job’ as a D&T teacher means I am love functional products designed with a purpose but I am also a big fan of craft and art textiles. I often combine all of these elements when creating my own work as a designer maker, with ‘cutting edge’ materials and components such as electronics, and ‘smart’ materials along side more traditional ones.  

Whether I am working on a more traditional project or something more high tech I am inspired by colour, texture and pattern and my much of my work reflects this. I particularly enjoy using recycled, found and some new materials and like to revitalise and renew them by decorating the fabric surface. This surface decoration could be hand or machine embellishment, using beads or yarns, and includes a range of techniques such as quilting, patchwork and appliqué along with a few LEDs thrown in, all with the aim of creating vibrant new fabrics. I then use these fabrics to make a range of art work and functional gift products.

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My designer maker brand

I retail my work under the brand name of Denim Duck. Both words are types of textiles materials. Most people have heard of denim, although many haven’t heard of duck, which is a heavy weight canvas type fabric made from a basket weave. In particular I use denim quite a lot in my work which is one of the reasons I chose it as part of the brand name. 

My designer maker workshops

Although I mostly run workshops for teachers and other school based staff I occasionally run workshops for adults and children based on the work I do as a designer maker. I can also run a variety of bespoke craft based workshops for adults and children. 

Click here to see the current course calendar for teachers. 

If you are interested in a standard craft workshop for adults or children rather than a teacher workshop email julie@julieboyd.co.uk for more details. 

My designer maker blog

Around the middle of each month I write a blog about my work and interests as a designer maker. This blog is very different to the one I write as a D&T teacher. It focuses only on textiles and is not limited to D&T textiles which is the main focus of my work in D&T. It therefore varies from D&T based textiles themes to craft textiles, art textiles and anything else textiles related that catches my eye. 

Click here see my designer maker blog  

Designer maker events


As part of my work as a designer maker I write articles for magazines and sell my work at different outlets. I also attend a number of events where I sell my work and do demonstrations.

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