Visiting the NTU degree show

For her birthday in February my niece Millie received some new Converse trainers & when she came to visit me soon after she was keen to use that as the focus for one of her sketchbook pages. 

IMG 9134

She started off doing research on Converse, the brand’s history and the different styles of shoes they produce. She then went onto practice her drawings of shoes based on Converse designs. 

IMG 9135

On another visit some week’s later I took Millie to the degree show exhibition at Nottingham Trent University. I love looking round the shows to see the work of all the students & to see new ideas and I find it very inspirational for my own work. I thought Millie would enjoy the show and that it would also show her how designers work and how some of the things she does in her sketchbook are just the same as what a real designer does. 

Millie particularly loved the costumes section of the exhibition and she said she hadn’t thought of this area of textiles design before. 


In the main design section of the show Millie particular liked a lobster necklace and outfit designed by Emma Baker. 

5G2A1731 copy

In fact Millie was so inspired that when we got home she designed and made her own version of the necklace. She found a lobster image from the internet, drew it onto Shrink Plastic, heated it in the oven and then attached a chain. She then created a page in her sketchbook to showcase her work.

I tweeted the sketchbook page and the tweet was favourited by the university. It will be fun to take Millie to other shows & exhibitions and to see what it inspires her to make. 


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