A visit to Snibston Discovery Park

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At the end of the school summer holiday we took my niece, Millie, to Snibston Discovery Park in Leicestershire. This is a great place to visit; it is part museum and part interactive science and engineering centre and also has a large fashion collection; a collection they say is the biggest outside of London.

We spent the first part of the day looking round the science and engineering section. There were lots of interactive displays, including some textiles ones such as this activity on weaving.

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Visitors could also vote on their favourite invention with their choice being compared to how other people of the same age and gender had voted. There were a large number of textiles products in there and I voted for the sewing machine!

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There was also a timeline of inventions going across a whole wall of the museum and it was interesting to see how and when everyday items we use today were invented. 

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One of the reasons for our visit was Millie’s interest in fashion and the fact that Snibston has a large collection of fashion and clothing. There certainly was lots to see, from a wide range of time periods, along with detailed information on each piece on show. 

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Millie took lots of photos of things that inspired her and when we got home she used some of them in her sketchbook. She didn’t have time to do any designing based on what she saw but I am sure this will inspire her ideas in the future. 

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It was interesting that, without any prompting, Millie focused in on particular themes when taking her photos. She was particularly interested in some of the detail on the items on display such as the the decorative techniques and patterns.

The park also has an outdoor play area which, as well as the usual swings and slides, has more interactive science and engineering displays including ones on how sound is made and travels. 

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We had a great day out and when we got home we were disappointed to find out that Snibston faces the risk of being closed down because of funding cuts. It would be a real shame if this happened as it is a great place to visit with lots to see and do.


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