New Year’s Eve 2016

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My niece Millie is nearly 14 and for every year for as long as I can remember she has stayed at our house over New Year’s Eve. It’s her mum’s birthday around that time so she often goes away to celebrate leaving us baby sitting. Millie’s older brother and sister used to stay too but now they are much older it’s just Millie. For many years this was a time of lots of activity, making things and baking cakes and then seeing in the New Year watching the fireworks. As we live on a hill close to Nottingham city centre we get a fabulous view of several large displays all going off at the same time which is pretty impressive. 

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This year though Millie wanted to do something different so we went out for a meal followed by the biggest dessert you’ve ever seen at Heavenly Desserts. We then went onto the cinema finishing just before midnight in time to see in the New Year with fireworks at Nottingham Castle. 

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A great end to 2016 and a fabulous start to 2017. Happy New Year!

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