Adventures with Millie in Liverpool

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This weekend we visited Liverpool, my husband’s home town, along with my niece Millie. She says Liverpool is one of her favourite towns because there is so much to see and do and because of the atmosphere and vibrancy of the city. 

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As with most of our visits to any city we're always on the lookout for anything creative and this visit was no exception. The day started off with a bit of shopping and seeing this fabulous colourful canopy of umbrellas in one of the main shopping areas. Next we visited the Tate Gallery to see the famous ‘The Bed’ by Tracey Emin. The controversial piece art was interesting to see if only to try and understand why the last time it was sold it fetched 2.5 million pounds! Millie wasn’t very impressed and thought her bedroom looked worse!

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Much more impressive were the lambananas sculptures inspired by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo, original superlambanana, which itself was inspired by lamb and bananas being popular goods travelling through the busy docks in the past. 

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Equally impressive and inspiring was the architecture of the town with contemporary and traditional architecture sitting side by side. One of the things Millie particularly likes is the variety of architecture and the impressive size of things which gives the city a grand and vibrant feel. We saw some of the architecture from the famous ferry that crosses the Mersey, on a windy day it was a little cold but well worth it. 


As well as visiting the city we also visited the beach at Crossby to see the Antony Gormley ‘Another Feature’ statues on the Beach. 

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This is a permanent installation of 100 cast iron life size figures spread out along 3 kilometres of the shore and going almost one kilometre out to sea. It’s quite a powerful thing to see the figures, especially the ones in the sea itself. 

Andrew Gormley

A fabulous few days in a fabulous city with lots of inspiration and ideas. We all look forward to visiting again soon. 

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