2017 Product in a Tin Competition for Schools Winners & Runners Up

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socks in a tin

Each year I run a competition for schools and for the last few years the theme has been a ‘product in a tin’. The competition is inspired by socks sold in a tin by Jollie Socks and competition entrants have to design and make a product of their choice that will fit into tin the same size as a Pringles snack sized tin. The Jollie Socks tin acts as the packaging for the socks to be sold in but, for the competition, it's optional for entrants to decorate the tin, instead it mainly acts as a size restraint for the product. 

Entries usually start arriving around late Spring each year, finishing at the beginning of August when the competition closes. It's is always such a pleasure to open the entries and to see such a wide variety of outcomes, most of which are to a high standard. It’s also a pleasure to read the application forms that accompany each product and to find out what inspired the design. Take a look below at this year’s competition winners and runners up. 

First Prize Winner

Ellie Hadlington Prize Giving

Ellie Hadlington, a student at Wolverhampton Girls' High School, won first prize in the 2017 competition with a fabulous dementia cuff inspired by a course she attended on the needs of dementia sufferers. Find out more about Ellie’s entry and what inspired her here, along with full details on all competition winners.

1st Place 2017

2nd & 3rd Prize Runners Up

2nd place 2017
joint 3rd 2017
joint 3rd place 2017

#InspiredBy and Merit Prizes

Product in a tin competition
Product in a tin competition 2

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