Creative t.shirts

Who says boys’ clothes have to be boring!

Fish t.shirt

The boys’ clothing buying at Sainsbury’s is obviously a big fan of 3D appliqué and lift up flaps as each season they seem to have at least one t.shirt or jumper featuring some sort of 3D appliqué effect. In fact so much so that I regularly visit that aisle just to have a look at the latest design! 

George the pig t.shirt

I think my favourite is the George Pig that has 4 pockets that unbutton to reveal a story about George’s trip to the woods.

Dinosaur t.shirt

Some designs are quite complex whereas others are effective because of their simplicity. Many use very clever designs that make them extra cute! They are, however, all great fun and much more interesting than the clothes the supermarkets sells for girls!

knitted hoodie with scales
superman t.shirt
Race zone t.shirt
space rocket
Jungle adventure
Tow truck applique t.shirt
Peppa Pig
Dinosaur applique
bus taxi 3D t.shirt
airplane applique t.shirt

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