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Knitting was one of the first textiles skills I learnt and it is something I have done on and off over the years, especially when I was a lot younger. I even chose hand knitting as an area to specialise in the final year of my degree. 

LL knitting needles and yarn 7300

It came as no surprise to me to see the results of a study for Knit for Peace which said that the health benefits of knitting are significant, including lowering blood pressure, increasing sense of well being and purpose, encouraging activity, offering opportunities for social interaction as well as much more. 

The report also identified that the benefits increased when knitters had a reason to knit beyond the obvious family and friends. This was particularly of interest to me as one of the reasons I stopped knitting in later life was because you can only knit yourself and others so many jumpers before you (and they!) get bored. This has been the case with a lot of the creative work I do and it’s been the reason I have gone through different phases focusing on different textiles techniques. Indeed one of the reasons I started selling my own work was to give myself a purpose. 

The aim of the Knit for Peace organisation is to support those in need, whether it be refugees from Syria, street children in India or for hospitals in the UK, along with giving knitters a purpose for their work. The website has lots of resources to get knitters started, including patterns, information on knitting groups, and different causes knitting can be donated to. Knitters can take on simple or more complex challenges depending on their skills and the time they have available. 

I’m going to take part in their Keep Britain Warm campaign making knitted dressing gowns. The knitting is very basic - just lots of knitted squares sewn together but this will be something I can pick and and put down without having to follow a pattern and it will be something I and even if I only have a limited amount of time. Why not get involved too?

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