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It’s been a couple of months since my last blog as life has been so busy. It’s a shame as I see so much inspiration around me that I’d like to showcase on the blog, but with so many other things going on, I often don’t get chance to upload a post. So much of what I see that inspires me is in unusual places and it’s these unexpected surprises that I like the most. Recently on a long road trip we stopped off at Gloucester Services, somewhere we had never stopped before. What an unexpected surprise this was as the services are a fabulous example of eco design along with a big focus on giving the user a great experience. Instead of the traditional fast food restaurants there was a great restaurant with fresh local produce, along with an amazing farm shop. It’s not often you see a fully blown butcher’s department in a service station! 

L IMG 4080

In the farm shop I spotted these Mowgs bags made out of repurposed plastic strapping that has been woven. The bags were a riot of colour and immediately caught my eye. On returning home I investigated the weblink on the swing ticket and discovered the bags are all hand made, making each one unique, and that they are made by artisan weavers who use traditional rattan basket weaving techniques. 


Instead of using traditional materials the weavers upcycle the packing tape waste found locally. The bags are distributed by a British company with the aim of supporting the artisan workers and creating items from what would otherwise be waste. 

Mowgs bags
LL IMG 4081

What a great way of supporting a local community as well as using up common plastic waste. Find out more about Mowgs bags. 

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