Proud Teacher Moment!

I have taught many students over the years and one of the ‘perks’ of the job is being able to play a small part in sparking an interest in design in a young person and then seeing that grow. 

I love to hear what my ex students have gone on to do, particularly if it related to design in some way. I was therefore very proud to hear that Nicholas Daley, an ex student in my last school, is one of just fifteen designers recently awarded NEWGEN support by the British Fashion Council. This supports new and emerging talent with the aim of helping them build global, high end fashion brands of the future. Nick has already had some success with his work being stocked in a couple of outlets in London, as well as considerable success in Japan, so hopefully this NEWGEN support will help him develop his business further.

Nick Daley
L Hamburger bean bag

Both at GCSE and A level Nick was always an adventurous designer. For his GCSE he designed a giant hamburger bean bag complete with separate layers of bun, burger and salad all of which were over a metre in size! For his AS level he designed a man's jacket with a hood fitted with integrated MP3 player speakers (long before integrated headphones and speakers appeared in the shops), and for his A2 he created a man’s see through PVC coat with a shirt underneath. 

Seeing students go on to exciting futures such as Nick's is very rewarding and it makes all the hard work (and paper work!) as a teacher worthwhile.

Take a look at Nick’s collections as a menswear designer

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