Light up Christmas tree decorations

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Twinkling lights are part of the spirit of Christmas and these hand made decorations sum up the Christmas spirit as well as adding a little bit of fun. Made from felt, they have hand made e-textiles circuits that make them light up when switched on (see below for more on what e-textiles is). 


My work as an education consultant in Design and Technology means I get to see a lot of new and exciting technology and I like to include these in some of my work as a designer maker. E-textiles is one of these technologies that adds a little bit of ‘wow’ factor to a textiles product. Electronic components that have been specially designed for use in textiles products are sewn together to create a working electronic circuit (and yes I did say sewn together!). The tiny lights add a new function to a textiles product e.g. torch, nightlight, room light. The electronic circuits don’t get hot and are safe to use in textiles materials as they are designed specifically for this purpose. They run on watch batteries which can be purchased from lots of high street stores. To find out more about e-textiles click here

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