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I am a strong advocate of Assessment for Learning and believe it to be a powerful teaching and learning tool that helps students maximise their potential. Used well I believe it can also help reduce teacher workload and empower students to take more responsibility for their learning. Although the main focus on this page is the use of AfL with students there are strong links between AfL strategies and coaching and using similar tools within a coaching situation can also support the development of adults. 

Read a summary of the original research on Assessment for Learning by Paul Black & Dylan Williams ‘Inside the Black Box'

Lesson Planning Checklists

Smart reading _SnapseedThe following 5 checklists that can be used to aid reflection, planning & peer observations to ensure that AfL strategies are integrated in teaching and learning. 

The checklists indicate the types of things that might indicate best practice within AfL. The lists aren’t conclusive and some content may not be relevant to your teaching and learning style or subject. 

The lists aim to provide teachers with peer or self assessment tools to help them reflect on their use of AfL in the classroom. 

Peer coaching - AFL - Objectives 

Peer coaching - AFL - Questioning 

Peer coaching - AFL - written & oral feedback 

Peer coaching - AFL - self & peer assessment 

Peer coaching -AFL- target setting

Student resources

The following are checklist students can use to help them evaluate their learning:

Smart learning - being an independent learner - a student checklist to support the development of independent learning

Smart learning - using feedback - a student checklist to support the development of the use of feedback

Smart notetaking - a student checklist to support the development of better notetaking

Smart reading - a student checklist to support the development of better reading & research

Self or peer assessment tear off sheet - useful as a quick plenary activity. Students tear off one or more section to help them review their learning. These can be put in their books or given to the teacher to review. They can also give thanks to a fellow pupil for their support or inspiration. 

Life After Levels

If you have responsibility for assessment in your department Life After Levels is a new website that you might find useful. The website is a collaboration between The National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) and Frog Education and is designed to support schools with the opportunities presented by the removal of levels. There are useful free resources on the website as well as short video guides. Visit the website. 

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