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D&T Practice articles have included:

The GCSE Textiles Rescue Programme: Developing teaching & learning

Celebrating success

Putting on a show

Recycled & sustainable textiles CD review


High Tech Textiles (page 22)

Postcard competition (page 46)

Articles I have written for Sewing World Magazine

The wipe clean wash bag project that originally featured in Sewing World magazine was voted by readers of Sewing World as one of the top 50 projects and is included in Sewing World’s 'Fifty to Make’ bookazine. 

Just4Textiles articles have included:

AQA 2009 GCSE Specification


Other Publications

Textiles in the classroom:A lost generation? (Flair - mainstream embroidery magazine)

INTX (Future Materials - magazine for the textiles industry)

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