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3D Printing by Paul Boyd

Paul Boyd is my husband and he has been working with schools in the UK as part of a government initiative to use 3D printers. Several of the schools have access to iPads and have requested a tutorial that can be used with students. 

Paul has created this tutorial video shows how to use 123D Design on the iPad to create a model. Many of the tools in the software have been used to create a basic drawing that includes adding and editing primitive shapes as well as how to manipulate an object using additive and subtractive tools.

Watch the video now by clicking here (it may take a while to fully load)

Watch the video via You Tube

Take a look at this excellent resource that gives a visual guide to solving common problems with a 3D printer

Get tips on choosing a 3D printer and see an example bid suitable for submitting to SLT

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(if there are no courses listed contact paulboyd@mac.com about new course dates)

What delegates say about Paul’s 3D printing courses:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the training last week, we have just had our department meeting and everyone thought it was the best training day they have had because it was so hands on, so thank you.

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