Careers in Fashion & Textiles

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Free resource on careers in fashion and textiles

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This PDF resource consists of 34 A4 pages. It is an information resource on careers in the fashion and textiles industry. It can be used with any year group but is particularly designed for Post 16 students.

Careers resource

The resource can be used as a whole document but it is has been designed to be printed off and used as separate sections. The resource, and any resources adapted from it, must not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation that downloaded it.

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The resource includes: 20 reasons why you should consider a career in the fashion & textiles industry, information on the modern textiles industry including evidence that it is a growth industry, information on the different sectors in the industry & different career roles, places to get advice & things to think about when considering a career in fashion & textiles, some examples of different degree courses, things to think about when choosing and applying for a degree, case studies of several universities that run degree courses in fashion & textiles, other qualifications and routes in to fashion & textiles, including apprenticeships, and a section just for teachers with ideas on how to raise the profile of careers in textiles.

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