What are TechDoodles?

TechDoodles are worksheets that support learning which are designed in a way that makes them more interesting to look at and use than a traditional worksheet format. 

There are different types of TechDoodles, some are information sheets, others are instruction sheets and some are activities. No matter what the format TechDoodles all aim to support the development of more in-depth learning. 

Where can I find TechDoodles

At the moment there are only a limited number of TechDoodle resources as they are currently being updated and developed. Eventually some resources will be in the Let’s Learn section of the website and others will be for sale in the shop. TechDoodle resources will also be given away for free as part of many of the courses we run. 

What is the difference between a TechDoodle and a #ThinkDo?

TechDoodles are different to #ThinkDo activities as they are usually an A4 PDF document, rather than a jpeg, and they are usually a more detailed document. #ThinkDo activities are designed as quick activities, such as for starters and plenaries or quick tests, whereas TechDoodles aim to be used in lessons or for homeworks to support and structure learning. 

TechDoodles also have a wide variety of focus points whereas #ThinkDo activities are mainly focus on products, or sections of products. #ThinkDos all use a similar format and layout, usually with a questioning focus, whereas TechDoodles formats and layouts vary with each sheet. 

Where did the TechDoodle idea come from?

I have used TechDoodles in my own classroom for over 15 years. They were originally inspired by a desktop doodle pad I bought which was designed for bored business people to kill time in the office. The pad was divided up into different short activities and bits of information and I liked the visual approach, as well as the way information was communicated. Below are some of the original TechDoodles I developed from this idea and these were some of the first resources I shared for free when I set up my website. The original TechDoodle idea inspired my #ThinkDo activities and recently it has inspired a new form of TechDoodle that will be used to support the Let’s Learn part of the website. 

The TechDoodles below are some of the original textiles ones I produced. The idea has come a long way since these first ideas as the format has been developed and the content is no longer restricted to just textiles. Click on the links below to download these resources:

Fabrics & Components
Industrial Practices
Product Analysis
Selling & the Consumer

You might find additional materials to support ideas on this page in other sections of the website e.g. Let’s Learn, #ThinkDo, and Free Resources

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