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My You Tube channel has videos I have created myself to support teachers and students as well as playlists where I saved You Tube clips that D&T teachers and students might find useful.

Below is a list of some of my videos but check out my You Tube page to see the most up to date list


#18 Weaving loom

#20 Laser cut polyester organza

Using a sewing machine

#22 Sewing machine tips: Thread tension

#23 Textiles technicians course: Learn how to service & maintain your sewing machine

Textiles techniques

#14 How to stitch an open seam

#21 Block printing by Abduljabbar M. Khatri at Nottingham Trent University

E-textiles commercial products

#2 LED Ikea rug

#19 Visijax LED commuter jacket

E-textiles tutorials & projects

#1 Introduction to e-textiles components

#3 Choosing a needle for conductive thread

#4 Threading a needle with conductive thread

#5 Starting to sew an e-textiles circuit

#6 Finishing stitches on an e-textiles circuit

#6 Stitches used in e-textiles

#8 Using an e-textiles light sensor cell holder

#8 E-textiles circuit with 1 PCB LED

#9 E-textiles circuit with 1 standard LED

#10 E-textiles circuit using more than 1 LED

#11 Inserting a switch into an e-textiles circuit

#12 Adding a popper to create a switch in e-textiles

#13 Trouble shooting problems with e-textiles

#15 T.shirt with e-textiles hem 

#16 E-textiles animal nightlight with colour change LEDs


#17 2015 D&T textiles competition for schools

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