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Common Inspection Framework Sept 2015 - summary of all documents 

Read the transcript of the speech made by Michael Wilshaw to launch the common inspection framework 

See a summary by the TES of the 7 questions schools will ask under the framework 

Note that as part of the common inspection framework Ofsted will be inspecting the healthy eating and food culture of a school and the extent to which schools support pupils to gain ‘knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, including exercise and healthy eating’. Download a review sheet from The Food Teachers Centre to help you assess whether your school meets the new criteria 

Diana Choulerton, Lead HMI for D&T

Diana Choulerton’s presentation at the D&T Association’s Summer School 2016 

Keynote presentation by Diana Choulerton, Lead HMI inspector for D&T, at D&TA Summer School 2015 (video) & (PowerPoint). 

Video where Diana Choulerton asks some important questions to help us review our departments 

Diana Choulteron talking about textiles and food in D&T

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