Progress 8, 9 - 1 Grading System & EBacc  

Progress 8

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Progress 8

Find out more about Progress 8 in this TES article, including a poster to download


The following information on Progress 8 is from the DfE

Progress 8 information on the DfE website

DfE Factsheet about Progress 8 

DfE press release about Progress 8 

DfE video on Progress 8 (See below - 3 mins)

9 - 1 Grading System

Useful summary from SecEd

DfE information on the 9-1 grading, including a downloadable set of postcards outlining the changes

EBacc (English Baccalaureate)

EBacc information on the DfE website

Bacc for the Future campaign

The Ebacc debate that was held in parliament in July 2016 - you can watch the debate, although as it is just under three hours long so you might find it easier to skim read the transcript 

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