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Lovenskate is a skateboard printing company based in East London that hand prints skateboards. The videos shows the design process, as well as the hand cut artwork and screen printing processes. 

Find out more on the Lovenskate website

All About Skateboards

This video shows how wooden skateboards are made including the use of heat transfer printing as an alternative to screen printing that Lovenskate use.  

Bureo Skateboards

Skateboards made from old fishing nets 

Find out more on the Bureo website

Stair-Rover Skateboard

An eight wheeled long board with a wheel mechanism that enables it to glide smoothly down steps and along uneven terrain. Visit the website 


  • Investigate skateboard design by the company Exploratorium
  • What will a designer have to consider when designing skateboards?
  • Interview skateboarders to find out their wants and needs
  • Compare the Stair-Rover skateboard to a more traditional design. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both. Which would you recommend?
  • How would you improve the design of a skateboard?

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