Free E-textiles Resources: Tutorials & Projects 

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Free 'How to’ Guides 

These guides will show you the basics on how to use e-textiles components

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Find out more about what e-textiles is

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Free E-textiles Project Tutorials

The projects are divided into sections depending on whether the product is functional,  just for fun, or as a fashion statement. Click on the image to visit each section. 

Functional Products 

e.g. bike safety, being seen in the dark, torches

Fashion - Products that make a statement 

e.g. t.shirts, tops, skirts, hair accessories

Fun Products 

e.g. Christmas decorations, Valentines & Easter fun

Practical activities and ideas are provided as a starting point only. Students should use these as inspiration as part of an iterative design process developing the idea further themselves. Credit should be given to the original source where appropriate.

Programmable Boards

Click here to see the resources for programmable boards that can be used in e-textiles

See details on e-textiles one day courses for teachers

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