Rumpl Wrap: A Coat That Transforms into a Blanket

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Rumpl wrap

Let’s Learn:

  • Rumpl are a company who describe themselves as reimagining home products to include performance materials more commonly found in outdoor gear and activewear. They do this because they feel the homeware industry is dated in its approach and that poor use is made of high tech performance fabrics in the home when there are significant benefits to the user. 
  • Rumpl have created a range of blankets and bedding using the sleeping bag as the inspiration. Products are made of ripstop nylon that resists water, dirt, odours and pet hair. The quilted designs are stitched using patterns inspired by nature. 
Rumpl wrap
  • They have also designed the Rumpl Wrap which is a wrap/coat that transforms into a blanket. 


  • Who might the user for this product be?
  • What are the arguments for and against whether this is a useful product?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using performance fabrics for home interiors?
  • How would you develop this product further?
  • The product is multifunctional transforming from a garment to a product with a completely different type of use. Use this idea to inspire another garment that transforms into a completely different product. 

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