Application Forms & Other Paperwork for the 2018 Competition

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Application Form

You might find it useful to look at page 2 of the application form, as well as the checklist, when you are designing your product as this will help make sure you meet the competition criteria.

Application form

Click here to download an application form 


A separate application form is required for each entry & the form has to be signed by the student, teacher & a parent/guardian

Checklist - does your entry meet the competition critieria?

2017 competition checklist

Use this checklist to see if your entry meets the competition criteria

Tin sizes (in case you don’t want to buy a tin)

Click here to download a sheet that gives you the dimensions of the tin (to print it to scale set your printer settings to 100%)

When is the closing date?

Monday 1st August 2018 (entries can be sent at any time during the year)

Where do I send my finished entry to?

Send your finished entry along with your completed application form to:

Julie Boyd, 375 Hucknall Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 1FU

Notes on posting your entry:

  • Don’t forget to make sure your name & contact details are attached securely to your entry (e.g. stitched, written on or pinned on with a safety pin. Don’t use paper clips or ordinary pins)
  • Send your entry with the application form. Don’t forget there are 2 pages to the form. 
  • You don’t have to send the tin as part of your entry. Simply post your entry in a padded envelope.
  • Make sure the package is well wrapped. Use a strong envelope, or a padded one, & put lots of tape around it to protect it. 
  • Entrants are responsible for delivering their work & receipt of entries can’t be acknowledged. If proof of receipt is required it is advised entries are sent by Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ or ‘Special Delivery Guaranteed’ 
  • Make sure any entries that are posted are well packaged. An ordinary envelope is usually not sufficient and many of these type of entries arrive ripped with the products damaged. Padded envelopes work best. Wrapping packages with lots of tape also helps make them stronger.

Email if with queries about the competition

Want resources to help you with your entry?

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