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#ThinkDo 1

Research what colours are associated with different types of products. Why do you think these colours are used? What message do they convey? Find out more about colour and branding at

#ThinkDo 2

What would the net look like for this box? What type of user is it targeting?

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#ThinkDo 3

Visit your local shops and look at the packaging of cheaper brands. How do they copy ideas from the major brands? Why do they do this? Look at packaging that is similar and identify design elements that are the same or different. What changes has the cheaper version done to avoid breaking copyright laws?

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#ThinkDo 4

What materials might be used for these Christmas takeaway cups? What properties do the materials need to have?

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#ThinkDo 5

Paper cup 0713

These polo shirts are marketed as being ‘easy care’. What does this mean? How does this add value to the product for the consumer? What types of fibre(s) might the product be made out of to make it ‘easy care’?

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