Textiles in the D&T GCSE 

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We offer several courses on delivering the D&T GCSE via a textiles focused approach. Scroll down to see the ones currently available. You might also be interested in the other courses we run on the D&T GCSE. 

How to Successfully Implement the New GCSE in D&T through Textiles (see venue)
12th & 13th July 2018 (2 day course)
St Marylebone CE School, London
Please note, this course is developed from content delivered on our Preparing to teach the new design and technology GCSEs and is not suitable for teachers who have previously attended that course.

Bookings are made via the STEM Centre website

State funded schools & academies can apply for an Enthuse Bursary which pays the course fee (accommodation not included). 
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Note that this course is run on behalf of The National STEM Learning Centre and is not one of our own independent courses. The link takes you to the STEM Centre website where bookings can be made. Please note I can answer general queries about the course content but enquiries about the bursary, bookings and terms and conditions must be made via the STEM Centre. 


Are you a textiles specialist looking for support on how to implement the new design and technology GCSE? Get the essential information you need to embed the changes and gain valuable ideas and strategies to do this in a manageable way, all through a textiles approach.

This is an exciting opportunity to review your design and technology curriculum and to reflect on how textiles teachers can approach the D&T GCSE.

  • Understand the changes at GCSE and be able to create a curriculum with a wow factor that is engaging and which maximises success
  • Identify and develop a range of strategies that develop the skills and knowledge students need to be successful in the written exam and in the non-exam assessment
  • Review your current curriculum and create a personalised action plan to help your team implement the changes in a manageable way
GCSE textiles 2


  • Outline the changes at GCSE and consider what this means for textiles, including links to key stage 3 and 5
  • Compare the different exam board specifications, although as it’s likely most departments will have made this decision already, a greater emphasis will be placed on strategies to implement key elements of the curriculum, along with how to be successful in the written exam and non-exam assessment
  • Support textiles specialists to confidently deliver the core content in the specifications in an engaging and relevant way that maintains the unique identify of textiles
  • Develop strategies for embedding independent learning skills required for success in the non-examined assessment (NEA)
  • Discover a wide range of strategies and ideas on how to create a curriculum that embeds progression and creativity, along with tried and tested tips on engaging all learners, including boys, most able students, and weaker students
  • Explore hands on practical activities that are easy to implement and which add increase engagement and add a wow factor to the curriculum
  • Support the development of a personalised action plan for implementing change which will also help raise the profile of textiles in your school

What delegates say about this course

Feeling excited about the changes and that textiles is strong within the D&T specification. 

An excellent course with new ideas for learning and projects.

I liked the personal touch and the small group really helped.

As a textiles specialist I was feeling quite negative about the new specifications and now I feel much better and much more confident. I understand how other materials can be linked to textiles quite easily in the classroom through hands on tasks. 

Found out the new GCSE isn’t the end of D&T in our school!

A chance to work with non traditional materials - it has definitely made this aspect not so scary!

Levers bit was fantastic - quick and understood how it links easily to textiles.

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Note that this course is run on behalf of The National STEM Learning Centre and is not one of our own independent courses. The link takes you to the STEM Centre website where bookings can be made. Please note I can answer general queries about the course but enquiries about the bursary, bookings and terms and conditions must be made via the STEM Centre. 

GCSE D&T: Textiles in the New Qualification

This is one of our VIP Bespoke courses. Find out more here. 
£295 (includes VAT)

There are currently no dates planned for this course. If you would like a date adding to the calendar please email julie@julieboyd.co.uk 

This course is run by Julie & Paul Boyd

  • Find out how textiles fits into the new GCSE D&T qualification from 2017 & start to plan and prepare for the changes
  • Think the new curriculum isn't creative? Worried about new content? Not sure what's the right next step for your department? Come & get answers to your questions and get ideas on how to approach the GCSE so that textiles retains its creativity and traditional focus, whilst still embracing new ideas
  • Develop a strong KS3 curriculum that provides a firm basis for KS4
  • Develop a 21st Century curriculum that is both creative and technical
  • The course includes some hands on activities that are creative and which add a wow factor to lessons
  • Reinvigorate your teaching & create a buzz about textiles
  • Challenging perceptions and stereotypes about what textiles is
  • Up to date information on the textiles industry and on careers in textiles
  • Reviewing your curriculum and planning ways to develop the subject in the future
  • Find out how to use the changes to strengthen your department
  • Where to get help on areas you are worried about
  • Creating good learning habits as a basis for GCSE
  • Tried & tested tips & strategies that engage learners
  • Some of the content will be also be relevant to the new GCSE qualification in general
  • Resources and ideas that will impact on teaching and learning in your classroom immediately including being relevant to the current GCSE
  • The course includes a free teaching and learning resources pack to take away with you
  • This course aims to give you a personalised experience with one to one attention so there are a restricted number of places available on the course
  • Click here to find out what makes our courses different to those of other trainers, along with tips on persuading your school to release you
  • For more information about this course email: julie@julieboyd.co.uk 

What delegates say about this course

Excellent course, really helped me clarify things and gave me food for thought. 

Brilliant & informative from start to finish. Really helped dispel worries about the new spec & changes

Lots of hands on practical tasks that you can use in your classroom & fab resources 

Excellent course, very informative. I can go back to school feeling confident about textiles and positive and exciting about the changes

Excellent, inspiring & useful. Information on other materials areas as well as textiles was really useful to get the bigger picture across D&T

To book this course: 

This course has already taken place & a new date has not yet been set. If you would like a date for this course to be added to the calendar email julie@julieboyd.co.uk

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