Textiles Technician Course: A Guide to Basic Servicing & Maintenance of Sewing Machines

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Textiles Technician Course: A Guide to the BasicServicing &Maintenance of Sewing Machines
9th February, 2017

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This course is led by Coles Sewing Centre along with Paul Boyd

About this course

Hear Neil from Coles Sewing Centre talking about this course

Sewing machines are a key tool in any textiles department and how well machines are working impacts both on the quality of outcomes students’ produce and the stress levels of the teacher.

The amount, and type, of use machines get in a school environment means it is important regular maintenance and servicing takes place but this can be expensive. There are less and less companies available to carry out this type of servicing which can make finding a reliable and reasonably priced company a challenge. In addition, a department may have to save machines that aren’t working until there are several to make it worth while getting them repaired, all of which impacts on the classroom and learning with machines being out of action.

How would you like to save money on your sewing machine servicing, both in terms of reducing the frequency of servicing, along with reducing costs of servicing itself?

Did you know you can take two sewing machines that don’t work and create one that does, just with a little bit of knowledge about how machines work?

Did you know that you should lift the presser foot when you thread the needle as this makes the thread sit correctly between the tension dials and makes it less likely you will get a bird’s nest of clogged thread at the beginning of your sewing?

Have you ever spent ages changing needles, threads and the tension trying to work out why a machine is skipping stitches? Did you know that if the metal surface of the hook where the bobbin sits inside your sewing machine is even slightly scratched it can prevent stitches forming correctly?

All of these things, as well as much more will be will be covered on the textiles technician courseincluding electrical safety, dust control, guidance on risk assessment as well as how to use any funding for new machines in the best way. No previous experience is necessary and technicians will return to their schools confident about making a start straight away back in school both in terms of servicing machines, as well as with day to day maintenance and trouble shooting in between services. There will be a range of supporting resources included as part of the course including all of the tools and equipment needed to get started.

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As part of the course delegates will strip down a sewing machine so delegates are encouraged to bring along a machine from their department in order for the day to be personalized to their school’s needs. The course content is relevant to any brand of sewing machine. Note this course is a basicintroduction to servicing and basic repair and maintenance of a sewingmachine.Departments will still need a full service programme for their machines but regular maintenance has the potential to reduce these costssignificantly.


What delegates say about this course:

Well structured course, good pace, very informative & interesting, good demonstrations with advice

The practical strip down of the machines was very useful as this showed me how I can fix and service machines at our school in a comprehensive way

I found all of the sessions useful as I had very limited knowledge to begin with

I have more confidence and know how to carry out basic servicing of a sewing machine. I am looking forward to putting this into practice in my school.

I feel confident that I can maintain the school sewing machines to a much higher standard than I previously could, and I am happy that I will be able to repair some currently broken machines.

I feel more confident with the technical aspects of maintaining the sewing machines for my faculty and being able to create and follow a service schedule, as well as being able to advise textiles teachers and my HOF about requirements for servicing including more educated future purchase advice.

A well thought out day full of advice and learning catering for all levels of previous knowledge.

Teachingstaff were very knowledgeable.

I found the course to be excellent, relevant and very enjoyable. Bringing a school machine meant that I was able to hit the ground running when I got back to school.

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