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We have Lead Facilitator accreditation as part of the National STEM Learning Centre CPD Quality Mark

What types of courses are available?

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As independent D&T consultants we run a range of courses to suit different budgets and needs:

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  • D&T:Connect - our lowest cost course which is a 2 hour after school CPD event (note this is not a Teach Meet but is a formal CPD event). This is a low cost event designed to support teachers who find it difficult to access CPD. Visit the current course calendar to see up & coming D&T:Connect events. 
  • D&T Roadshows - The focus is on delivering theory work through practical and the day is a ‘light touch’ event packed full of hands on activities. The course travels the country with new content each academic year. This is a low cost event designed to support teachers who find it difficult to access CPD. Visit the current course calendar to see up & coming Roadshow events. 
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  • Mid price range courses are a more traditional course with a more formal approach & an in depth focus on pedagogy. The pricing of this course aims to support schools that have a more limited budget whilst still offering a high quality course. 
  • VIP Bespoke courses - The full monty! This is one of our traditional courses and the higher cost reflects the depth of content that is covered, the personalised nature of the course and the substantial resources delegates take away. Numbers are deliberately kept low in order to provide a more personalised day. These course focus more on specialist content covering specific aspects of the curriculum e.g. A level, exam success. Visit the current course calendar to see up & coming courses.   
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  • Download a summary that gives you more details on each type of course we run as independent D&T consultants. Information on current dates and venues for all types of courses can be found on the current course calendar.

Other courses we run

The above courses are ones we run as independent D&T consultants. We also run courses on behalf of other training agencies, in particular we deliver a few bursary funded courses on behalf of the National STEM Learning Centre. Visit the current course calendar & look out for the bursary funded label (the bursary is available to state funded schools or academies and it pays the course fee and in some cases for accommodation).  

Who can attend our courses?

We run courses for Design and Technology teachers and these are suitable for teachers, trainees, technicians and support staff. 

Some workshops might also be suitable for anyone working with young people but not in a formal school setting. Email me at julie@julieboyd.co.uk before booking if you need more information on whether a course will meet your needs. 

We can also create bespoke workshops to meet your needs. Email me about creating a bespoke course for you or your group julie@julieboyd.co.uk 

What types of content do the courses cover?

We run courses linked to most areas of D&T. The following are examples but others may be available. If a course you are interested in isn’t calendared or you can’t make the date email julie@julieboyd.co.uk as extra dates and venues can often be added. 

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D&T Roadshows

Outstanding Teaching & Learning in D&T  (includes high level thinking & exam success)

KS3 D&T 


A level 

Smart & Modern materials 

Courses for D&T technicians 

Electronics & e-textiles

3D Printing

The Design Process (including NEA links)

Raising the performance of boys 

Textiles in the D&T GCSE 

Developing Practical Skills in Textiles 

Leading an Outstanding D&T Department  

I’ve heard you run some low cost workshops, including some that are bursary funded, is this true?

Yes it is! We run a number of courses that receive sponsorship from organisations which makes them very low cost, and in some cases completely free. 

Our D&T:Connect events and D&T Roadshows are examples of low cost courses we run which are designed for those who find it difficult to access CPD.  

Courses we run at The National STEM Learning Centre can be funded by an Enthuse Bursary if you are a state school or academy (other schools can attend the courses but have to pay a fee). Look out for the bursary funded label in the course calendar. 

Who runs the courses?

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Courses are run by my myself and my husband, Paul Boyd. Some are run by us as individuals and some include both of us working together. Between us we have extensive experience of working in a variety of different schools, and in a range of different roles, which means we are able to offer experience and support across a wide range of teacher needs. We both also have experience in industry related to both leadership and D&T. The course calendar indicates who is leading each course. 

What makes your courses different?

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We have Lead Facilitator accreditation as part of the National STEM Learning Centre CPD Quality Mark

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We pride ourselves in the quality of the workshops we run and a lot of time and thought goes into planning each one to ensure they meet the needs of teachers. We constantly evaluate courses, responding to delegate feedback, to ensure each course is the best it could possibly be. 

We run a range of courses designed for different budgets and needs and we pride ourselves on their high quality no matter what their cost. 

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Our courses focus on real solutions for real classrooms. As experienced teachers we know that teachers are looking for ways of maximising learning whilst also reducing their workload. We provide ideas and resources that do this and a big feature of all courses is that delegates will be able to go back into school and use ideas, strategies and resources within a few days of being on the course with little or no work. As well as the resources used in the session delegates take an extensive resource pack aimed at supporting the content of the course back in the classroom. The quote below from a teacher who attended a course sums up our aims perfectly:

Just to say a huge thank you for a great day today. You always provide fantastic resources, but what I think makes your courses so unique is the practical application you provide, even down to ideas for teaching in the class room!!! As a teacher with not enough hours in the day this is exactly what is so valuable. You give us the foundation and provide scope to develop the ideas.

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How much does a course cost? 

Please see the course Calendar page for up to date information on prices. Prices will differ for workshops run in your school. Email julie@julieboyd.co.uk for details. 

Want help persuading your school to release you to attend a course? Take a look at the benefits of attending one of our courses and get tips on how to justify being released for the day.

Where are the course held?

We use a variety of different venues across the country and we're always happy to consider new areas if they are cost effective for us to use. A lot of courses run in Nottingham as this is where we live and this therefore makes it more cost effective to run courses with smaller numbers. Nottingham is also easy for many people to get to because of its position in the Midlands and the good rail and other transport links. If you would like a different venue to be considered please let me know. 

Find out more about some of the venues we use 

Want to act as a host venue? Download this sheet that outlines some of the requirements for hosting a course in your school. 

How do I book a course?

Details on how to book courses are given with each workshop description on the course Calendar page. 

It is essential you read the terms and conditions before booking a course. 

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