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Would you like to host a course at your school?

We run a number of different types of courses as independent consultants and each has slightly different venue requirements. Although we use a lot of schools as venues we also use other types of spaces e.g. specialist meeting room spaces in industrial venues, shops and hotels. We also use venues such as galleries and museums. We are always looking for new venues so get in touch if you think you have an appropriate space. 

The following links outline our requirements for the main types of courses we run.

Hosting a D&T:Connect after school pop up event

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D&T:Connect is our most basic type of course. It is an after school pop up event that we run for free. Anyone is able to attend but it is usually aimed at supporting schools in a local area. As this type of event is free, and runs at a loss, we mainly run these courses close to where we live in Nottingham. If, however, we’re running a course in another area it may be possible to run a D&T:Connect event after the main course, or occasionally the night before. 

Download a summary of the requirements to host a D&T:Connect pop up event

Hosting a standard one day course 

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 A school often offers to host a standard one day course because someone from their school would like to attend a course and this is a way of reducing costs such as travel fees. The type of course a school hosts is up to them and it’s often linked to the CPD needs of a delegate in the host school. For examples of current courses visit the course calendar; bespoke courses might also be available. Teaching schools sometimes also act as hosts without anyone from their school attending because of their roles as centres of excellence. 

Download a summary of the requirements to host a standard one day course

Hosting a Roadshow event

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We run a D&T Teacher Roadshow for all D&T teachers which includes all material areas, as well as a separate Textiles Teacher Roadshow that just focuses on textiles. The Roadshows are our biggest events and are more like a mini conference than a course. They travel around the country over an academic year, with the content changing each September. The advantage of hosting this type of event is the course content changes each year so as host you get regular free training. The disadvantage hosting this type of event is there is potentially more work for the host to do, including having to be available on a Saturday. Our needs for this course are also a lot more complex than other courses. Note the requirements for each type of Roadshow is slightly different. 

Download a summary of the requirements to host The D&T Teacher Roadshow

Download a summary of the requirements to host The Textiles Teacher Roadshow

Bespoke courses just for your department

All courses mentioned above involve a school acting as host and the course being marketed as open to anyone. If you would like a more personalised course targeted at just your department we can also run a bespoke course in your school. Please email for more details on costs and courses that are available. 

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