The D&T Roadshow Plus: Developing Skills for the NEA

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THEME FOR 2018-2019 IS DEVELOPING SKILLS FOR THE NEA - scroll down for full details on the course content

What is The D&T Roadshow Plus?

D&T Roadshow Plus
  • The D&T Roadshow Plus has lots of similarities to the standard D&T Roadshow but with lots ‘more’ hence the name e.g. a more formal approach, more of a focus on links to pedagogy, more of a 'heavier touch’, and more detailed content than the standard Roadshow. Tickets are £175 (includes VAT)
  • Like the standard D&T Roadshow the day still includes practical activities but references to teaching and learning are more detailed and focused. 
  • A lower number of delegates on the D&T Roadshow Plus also allows for more of a personal touch. 
  • Like the standard D&T Roadshow the D&T Roadshow Plus also travels the country with new content each academic year. 
  • The events are led by Paul and Julie Boyd who between them have extensive experience in education and in industry.
  • D&T Roadshow Plus events include materials to carry out the practical activities as well as supporting electronic resources. In addition every delegate receives a giveaway relevant to the course content e.g. a piece of equipment linked to one of the activities or a materials sample pack. 
  • Timings for all D&T Roadshow Plus events are from 10.00am - 4.00pm.
  • The day is suitable for anyone who is based in a school working with young people in D&T including teachers, technicians, teaching assistants and trainees. 
  • Refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided. 
  • Note that the D&T Roadshow Plus is a different event to the standard D&T Roadshow. Whilst there are some similarities and cross overs these are different types of events with different content so it is relevant for delegates to attend both events.

What is the content for The D&T Roadshow Plus events for 2018 - 2019?

Developing Skills for the NEA
Tickets £175 (includes VAT)
Dates & venues to be released soon

Course objectives

  • To create a curriculum with a range of tried & tested strategies that work across all key stages to empower students to maximise their potential when approaching the design process.
  • To develop independent learners that are creative thinkers who can time manage their own design tasks.
  • To understand the elements of a design challenge & be able to work like a designer to solve problems.

Course content

  • Strategies for embedding the skills needed to approach the design process in a creative & independent way. 
  • Building a curriculum that embeds good learning habits with a joined up design thinking curriculum across years 7-13.
  • Understanding the starting points for design e.g. contextual challenges, design problems, user needs, & being able to develop design briefs & design solutions from these starting points, along with following an iterative design approach.
  • Strategies for preparing students for the controlled assessment rules at GCSE & A level & for developing independent learners who can manage their time.
  • Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, speed designing & other tried & tested strategies to develop independent, creative thinking students. 
  • The day will encourage you to think differently & to challenge & reflect on how you currently do things. You will do a range of activities that will help you find practical solutions that will work in your classroom immediately, along with resources that support longer term planning. 
Design process

Who’s the course for?

  • Any D&T teacher from any material area, including non specialists.
  • Relevant to all boards & key stages.
  • Particularly relevant to teachers looking for support to develop the skills students will need to independently approach the GCSE & A level NEA.

What doesn’t this course include?

These points might help you identify if this is the best course to meet your needs:

  • Whilst the content of this course ultimately aims to prepare students for success in the NEA the focus is not on the GCSE or A level NEA itself. 
  • This isn’t a ‘how to do the NEA’ course & we will not be looking at sample folders or moderating work & delegates looking for this type of day would be better on an exam board course. Instead the course approaches the design process from a wider context with a focus on curriculum planning that supports the development of NEA skills along with strategies that help students embed skills over a longer period of time enabling them to work like ‘real’ designer in a more focused, independent & less formulaic way.

What’s different about our course? Why should your school release you?

  • This isn’t just a bog standard NEA course - it goes much further focusing on how to create a whole curriculum learning environment that supports designing, creativity & independent learning.
  • Delegates take away resources that can be used straight away back in the classroom, along with resources that will support the development of long term curriculum planning. 
  • Our courses are known for their focus on real solutions for real classrooms with practical applications that really work and which don’t increase workload. 
  • Content is delivered by Paul & Julie Boyd who between them have over 50 years experience in D&T education, including at senior leadership level, as well as 20 years experience in industry. 
  • Delegates go away with a coaching action plan which helps them embed change over the next year.
  • Follow up email support is available after courses to help ensure delegates can apply their learning. 

What delegates say about this course

Excellent. Things to take back to school and try. Inspiring. 

A great day talking to other D&T staff. Brilliant teaching.

Very accessible & useful to a non specialist.

Thank you, I feel like I have had a spa day - all revived and raring to go!

Brilliant course - best course in content and relevance in years.

I’m going away with ideas I can easily implement.

Brilliant day! Loved the mix of theory and practical.

Great day. Worth the 4 hour journey.

Excellent pace, variety of activities, friendly environment and access to expertise.

Excellent motivation & energy in the session.

Such a positive day using a variety of materials in different ways, really great to try new things and be inspired.

Well structured & excellent delivery - an enjoyable worthwhile day. Highly recommended for networking & developing more confidence. 

Really informative and fun. Great couple, full of inspiration and relevant ideas. 

What’s the difference between a D&T Roadshow & a D&T Roadshow Plus?

A D&T Roadshow Plus is one of our mid price courses and this means it is more detailed and in-depth course than a standard Roadshow. Whilst there are some similarities and cross overs between the D&T Roadshow and the D&T Roadshow Plus they are different types of events and the content will be different so it is relevant for delegates to attend both events. Find out more about our standard D&T Roadshow events. 

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How to book this course

This is one of our independent courses so it is booked directly via us. It is essential you read the terms and conditions before booking the course.

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A list of the 2018 - 2019 dates and venues will be posted here soon. Tickets £175 (includes VAT). Contact if you would like to be notified when this information is released. 


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