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Delegates attending a D&T Roadshow get a goodie bag to take away with an Iso-Cube 3D drawing tool sponsored by Mindsets, 50 #ThinkDo cards, materials to support the activities and much more.

What is the content for the D&T Roadshows from Sept 2018 - July 2019?

Roadshow London
Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 18.36.36

Sat 3rd November 2018, London 
Wed 8th May, 2019, Ipswich
New Liverpool date announced soon
More dates to follow for 2019

See the full list of dates & venues & book your place Tickets £80 (includes VAT)

  • An informal relaxed atmosphere with a ‘light touch’ approach that focuses on hands on activities that teach theory through practical work. 
  • Hands on practical activities include paper & board, metal, polymers & textiles (wood is included but with only limited references).
  • Learning linked to KS3, as well as the core content of the GCSE curriculum. 
  • Suitable for specialists and non specialists. 
  • All activities will be available for all delegates to do but individuals will have the chance to focus on those that are of particular interest and relevance to them. 
  • Led by Paul & Julie Boyd who have extensive experience in education & industry.
  • New content every year & venues across the country.
  • Courses usually on a Saturday because of the need to access several D&T spaces, (although there are also one or two midweek ones). 
  • Small display of ideas & inspiration.
  • Includes materials, supporting electronic resources, prizes & goodie bags. 
  • As this is a low cost course refreshments are provided but delegates are asked to bring their own lunch.

  • See photos from this year’s Roadshows

Goodie bags & prizes!

Delegates attending a D&T Roadshow get a goodie bag to take away with an Iso-Cube 3D drawing tool sponsored by Mindsets, 50 #ThinkDo cards, materials to support the activities & more (only available to delegates attending on the day).

What do delegates say about The D&T Roadshow?

It was great - the message about multi materials was strong and inspiring. 

Absolutely fantastic course, enjoyed it all and am brimming with ideas. Excited rather than concerned about delivering the materials content. 

Amazing course. Love the short, sharp tasks and time to play. Loved the applying of other materials outside my experience too. 

It was such a brilliant day & I’m going away feeling inspired. Really well organised day. 

Really great price considering the time, materials, content and inspiration. 

Exceeded my expectations. I’m buzzing with ideas to take back to my school. I’ve had a fantastic day!

The underlying message of positivity was encouraging. 

[attended] as a nervous RM 'specialist' trying to get some inspiration for delivering the Textiles content of the new spec. I'm now absolutely buzzing! Well resourced and very, very useful, I'm very glad I went. If you get the chance to attend - do.

A great low cost informative course with plenty of ideas to take back to school.

It was more relevant to me as a non specialist Product Design teacher than I expected. 

Lots of ideas and opportunity to actually use them.

Really fantastic to have an affordable course on a Saturday. 

Great combination of workshops. Fantastic affordable course.

Made me feel more confident with those pesky bits of the curriculum! So many links and ways to combine materials. I was worried about levers and mechanisms but now I have textiles equipment examples which will help me explain things. 

What’s different about our course? Why should your school release you?

  • This is low cost CPD with all the quality and impact of a full cost course.
  • Teachers are offered support and advice for delivering the D&T GCSE, including time to raise any individual queries. 
  • Resources delegates take away can be used straight away in the classroom, along with other resources that support the development of long term curriculum planning. 
  • Our courses are known for their focus on real solutions for real classrooms with practical applications that really work and which don’t increase workload. 
  • Our approach is based on current educational research with specific strategies on how to make this work within D&T.
  • Content is delivered by Paul & Julie Boyd who between them have over 50 years experience in D&T education, including at senior leadership level, as well as 20 years experience in industry. 
  • Follow up email support is available to ensure delegates can apply their learning. 
  • Click here for more information on what makes our courses different to those of other trainers, along with tips on persuading your school to release you
  • For more information about this course email: 

How to book this course

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This is one of our independent courses so it is booked directly via us. It is essential you read the terms and conditions before booking the course.

See the full list of dates & venues & book your place Tickets £80 (includes VAT)

Roadshow ticket price

The Roadshow began as a small local event but it's grown beyond our expectations with events running nationally. The cost has remained the same for nearly 7 years but it's no longer cost effective to run it at this price, particularly given the practical nature of the course. The 2018 price increase enables us to continue to run the event with the cost based on feedback from delegates who were asked to identify a fee they felt was a fair reflection of the content, whilst still being affordable to schools with a limited budget. 

Thank you to companies who sponsor the D&T Roadshow

A huge thank you to the sponsors of our D&T Roadshows who make it possible for us to offer low cost CPD with all the quality of a full cost course. 

We have Lead Facilitator accreditation as part of the National STEM Learning Centre CPD Quality Mark

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