KS3, KS4, & KS5 Curriculum 

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We run a range of curriculum planning courses including:

  • KS3 curriculum & the removal of levels
  • D&T GCSE (2017 specifications as well as the older specs while they exist)
  • Technical Awards
  • A level Product Design and Fashion & Textiles (2017 specs as well as the older specs while they exist)
  • Material specialist courses e.g. updating skills, courses for beginners, courses for more experienced teachers
  • Courses relating to teaching & learning e.g. maximising progression, higher level thinking, revision

Check the main course calendar as these are our most popular course and there are usually current dates for many of them. If no dates are listed in the course calendar new dates can be added to the calendar on request at no extra cost.Email julie@julieboyd.co.uk for details on course content and to request additional dates. 

What delegates say about a previous course on maximising progression in D&T:

Lots of snappy tasks & inspiration focusing on D&T without waffle 

Good ideas & suggestions. Everything is usable.

Lots of ‘bigger picture’ stuff & resources to help with development & application 


What delegates say about a previous KS3 course:

Clear, precise information, well delivered, nice mix of people, great speaker

Great content that can be easily adapted for the school & classroom

Very informative & excellent information. Lots of ideas & things to consider. Really excellent use of a day!

I would recommend this because of the high quality of resources, the course tutor and the activities

Informative, engaging & excellent resources

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Dates not convenient for you? 

It is sometimes possible to add in additional dates and venues for workshops so contact me if a date doesn’t suit you. 

Want a course delivering at your school?

Bespoke workshops can also be delivered either at your school or at an external venue. Email julie@julieboyd.co.uk for more details.

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