Raising the Attainment of Boys

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Raising the Attainment of Boys in D&T

There are currently no dates planned for this course. 

What are the course objectives?

  • To investigate the latest thinking on what makes boys sucessful in the classroom & identify how this can be applied in D&T
  • To increase the attainment of boys, creating students who are engaged and effective learners
  • To identify easy to use strategies that don’t create additional workload and which also have a positive impact on whole class learning

What is the course about?

  • Strategies to support the learning of boys in the D&T classroom
  • Evidence based approach including ideas based on research from the Education Endowment Foundation, all considered within the context of D&T. 
  • Tried & tested tips & strategies that engage learners at all levels and which have been shown in our work supporting schools to motivate and engage boys in D&T
  • Hands on experience of various strategies specific to D&T e.g. Speed Designing (a strategy developed by us that is very successful at increasing pace & creativity, & which is teachers have fed back is particularly successful with boys) 
  • Practical and easy applications of deeper thinking strategies to help boys develop higher level thinking skills
  • Developing schemes of learning that support learning and progression generally
  • Reflecting on teacher and student interactions and how this impacts on learning 
  • Tips & strategies that are effective at supporting the learning of boys without adding to workload, and which are also effective as part of a whole class approach
  • Resources to support learning in the classroom immediately on return to school
  • Relevant to KS3, 4 and 5
  • During her career Julie has done a a range of informal action research on how boys learn and in particular she is known for her work on engaging boys in textiles. Julie has also used this research to develop the learning of boys in other areas of D&T.  
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  • For more information about this course email: julie@julieboyd.co.uk 
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Who’s the course for? 

  • Any KS3, 4 and 5 D&T teacher from any material specialism 
  • Departments reflecting on the performance of boys in D&T and how they can better support engagement and progression
  • Teachers looking for ideas and strategies for engaging learners generally who also have a particular interest in how boys learn

What resources do I get on the course?

The day includes resources worth more than £100. Examples of some of the resources included with the day are:

L  Boys don't try IMG 7667
  • An extensive resource pack to support the day itself, much of which can be used immediately back in the classroom. The resource pack also supports curriculum planning over a longer period. 
  • A copy of Boys Don’t Try: Rethinking Masculinity in the Classroom by Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts. 
  • Note that resources may be changed at any time without notification due to availability but any resource will be replaced with an alternative resource. 

What do delegates say about this course?

Great information & excellent advice

Every single aspect was useful and it got me thinking especially about how I can do short, sharp activities 

Fantastic, practical advice and teaching and learning examples

Brilliant day, lots covered and lots to think about

Hands on, practical and easy to implement teaching and learning tips

Course tutor inspiring with excellent knowledge

Exceptional practical ideas & strategies that could be implemented straight away

This has been enlightening with excellent ideas & strategies that will support my daily practice.

What’s different about our course? Why should your school release you?

  • This is one of our VIP Bespoke courses. These courses offer delegates our most bespoke and specialised experience. Numbers are restricted to a maximum of 10 delegates in order to provide a more personalised experience for each individual attending. These courses also have the greatest depth of content with extensive supporting resources worth up to £100. 
  • Resources delegates take away can be used straight away in the classroom, along with other resources that support the development of long term curriculum planning. 
  • Our courses are known for their focus on real solutions for real classrooms with practical applications that really work and which don’t increase workload. 
  • Our approach is based on current educational research with specific strategies on how to make this work within D&T.
  • Content is delivered by Paul & Julie Boyd who between them have over 50 years experience in D&T education, including at senior leadership level, as well as 20 years experience in industry. 
  • Delegates go away with a coaching action plan which helps them embed change over the next year.
  • Follow up email support is available after courses to help ensure delegates can apply their learning. 
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  • For more information about this course email: julie@julieboyd.co.uk 

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