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Using the Crumble Micro Controller in D&T

There are currently no dates planned for this course. 


  • Gain hands-on experience in programming the Crumble with the free to download Crumble software
  • Explore the use of lights, sensors, buzzers and switches to create programmable projects for key stage 3 and 4
  • Learn how to connect motors and create your own Crumble buggy


The Crumble Controller is a programmable board that can be quickly used to create programmable design and technology projects. The Crumble is controlled by easy to assemble blocks of code that combine to create programs downloaded straight to the Crumble device. The software used to write the code is free.

No previous experience necessary, get two days of hands-on tuition, getting you up to speed with programming the device, connecting electrical components and planning projects for key stage 3.

You will learn how to use the free Crumble software to make lights change colour and use sensors and switches to control the device. You will also use motors to introduce movement with the potential to create roving buggies in the classroom.

What delegates say about this course

This was unknown territory for me. The session has given me the confidence to play with Crumble and take risks.

Excellent introduciton to Crumble. Really simple, easy to use & excellent resources to take back into tthe classroom.

The Crumble has opened up a new range of project ideas for me.

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