Practical Approaches to D&T Theory

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Practical Approaches to D&T Theory

This is a very hands on course with a range of simple practical activities that deliver D&T theory in a hands on way. Activities use basic equipment and are suitable for non specialists working in any classroom.   

This is a face to face course. There are currently no planned dates for this course


Would you like this course for your department or for a group of local teachers?

If you want this course as bespoke training for your school or for a local group of teachers we can run the course as a full day face to face course (usually 10am - 4pm).

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You will need:

  • At least 6 participants (maximum group size of 10). We can work with smaller groups but a fee for 6 participants will be charged in order to make things cost effective for us. 
  • Room large enough for 10 participants to sit plus separate space in the room for D&T equipment. We don’t necessarily need a D&T room as we usually bring equipment with us but we will need good access to electrical sockets. A room that avoids steps works best because of equipment we bring (unless there’s a lift). When choosing a room take into account any potential Covid restrictions that might need to put in place depending on guidance at the time of the course. 
  • Ability to provide refreshments and a buffet style lunch (usually in the room).
  • Preferably onsite parking.

Prices start from £225 per person depending on location.

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  • Understand the knowledge requirements of design and technology at KS3 and for the D&T GCSE core content 
  • Develop simple practical activities which deliver learning in a hands on way 
  • Identifying basic tools and equipment which are suitable for any D&T teacher (including non specialists) to use in any classroom to support hands on theory learning 
  • Reflect on current practical activities and identifying the learning they cover and how they might be improved and developed

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Practical skills 3
  • Very hands on day with lots of opportunities to produce samples to take back to your classroom.
  • Examples of practical approaches for delivering some of the theory content for KS3 and the core content for D&T GCSE 
  • Activities will particularly focus on delivering elements of learning for materials (with ideas and resources for metals, timber, polymers, paper and board and textiles), levers and mechanisms and forces and stresses.
  • Activities support a multi materials approach to D&T whilst also being mindful of the uniqueness of individual material specialisms.
  • The course is suitable for anyone interested in ideas for delivering D&T theory in a hands on way. It may be particularly suitable for anyone looking for ideas on delivering D&T GCSE core content outside of their material specialism.  
  • Reviewing activities already in your curriculum and identifying how they can be improved and developed to maximise the learning they cover.
  • Content is relevant to all D&T GCSE exam boards (England). Some content may also be relevant to other GCSE routes. 
  • Exploring how basic equipment can be used in a classroom to teach GCSE subject content, allowing for activities to be carried out in a non-specialist room
  • This course focuses on a curriculum driven by learning rather than just providing a series of projects. 
  • The course takes a slightly different approach to the delivery of D&T theory and encourages participants to reflect on their approach and to consider new ideas.


Content is relevant to all D&T GCSE exam boards (England). Some content may also be relevant to other GCSE routes. 

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Resources participants get

  • Large range of materials to carry out all activities.
  • Wide range of supporting electronic resources for practical activities carried out in the session.
  • Additional ideas and resources to support the delivery of theory content through practical work. 
  • Mini material sample pack linked to activities in the course.

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What delegates say about this course

  • Exceeded my expectations - so many ideas for pulling learning out of little projects.
  • I feel a lot more confident teaching some of the theory elements through practical to make things more engaging. I have so many ideas to think about now. 
  • Easily accessible ideas. A brilliant course that has boosted my confidence as a single person department. 
  • Lots of small, short, snappy activities. Really enjoyed it including the chance to work with materials outside my comfort zone. 
  • Excellent examples of practical tasks and how they relate to theory learning.
  • Some great ideas and processes I hadn’t thought about. 
  • Great ideas and a lot of fun - great ways to introduce theory in a practical way. 
  • Starting to bring D&T alive in a new and exciting way. Great inspiration. 
  • Very clear and informative - good mix of activities and information. 
  • Excellent, so useful. Easy to understand, lots of resources and ideas.

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