Planning & Auditing Your D&T Curriculum 

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Planning & Auditing Your D&T Curriculum         £175 (per person)

This is a blended learning course which is equivalent to a one day training course. 

2 hours of live online training. Choose from the following dates:

  • 15th March 2022     3.45pm - 5.45pm         

Plus at least 4 hours of self directed study activities with supporting resources. 

This course explores tools to help you audit and plan a high quality KS3 & D&T GCSE curriculum with clear sequence & progression, along with identifying key learning priorities. Scroll down for full details. 

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15th March 2022   3.45pm - 5.45pm, 2 hr live online session          £175

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online learningHow the course is delivered

  • This is a blended learning course that is equivalent to a one day training course. It has a mix of 2 hours live online training, as well as at least 4 hours of self directed study activities.
  • There are several different timing options for the live online sessions to suit the needs of different schools and participants.
  • The online sessions are usually delivered via Zoom with a link to the course being sent to the participant before the event.
  • The course fee pays for one person to attend the live online session. They will be asked to participate via audio or video.
  • The online session includes hands on interactive activities and a resource pack is sent to participants before the session. 
  • As part of the self directed study participants will be provided with electronic resources for appropriate activities and reading that supports the content of the course. The self directed activities can be carried out at any time and are designed to support participants to create a personalised CPD programme that helps them develop their curriculum over time.  
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  • Explore tools for auditing your KS3 and D&T GCSE curriculum (England) and identify potential improvements.
  • Consider the principles for sequencing a high quality D&T curriculum.     
  • Identify key learning priorities for a D&T curriculum.
  • Reflect on your approach to curriculum planning and identify a programme of self directed study activities that will help develop your curriculum over time.      
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  • Using audit tools to review your KS3 and D&T GCSE curriculum (England) and identifying areas for improvement (some content is relevant to other GCSE routes but references will be limited).
  • Considering how the KS2 prior learning influences KS3 planning and how KS3 and D&T GCSE help create a strong base for A level learning (audit tools are also provided)
  • Identifying what a genuine D&T experience looks like and creating a curriculum with a clear D&T focus.
  • Identifying key learning priorities for the KS3 and D&T GCSE curriculum and creating a curriculum that has sequence and progression built across the key stages.
  • Identifying a vision for your curriculum and considering what this looks like in the classroom.
  • Reflecting on other key elements of curriculum planning e.g. building in spaced and retrieval practice, mapping difficulty, building in assessment tools, working towards a broader materials approach.
  • This course focuses on a curriculum driven by learning rather than simply providing a series of projects. The aim is that participants can take projects they already do and identify how they can be reviewed and improved to develop a cohesive curriculum plan based on learning. A small number of projects/activities will provided as part of the self directed activities to illustrate how our approach to curriculum planning works. 
  • The course takes a slightly different approach to traditional curriculum planning and encourages participants to reflect on their approach and to consider new ideas.
  • The online sessions introduces all of the main ideas with participants carrying out example activities to help them understand the resources provided. The self directed activities allow participants to focus on applying the ideas to their own curriculum. 
  • The course is suitable for anyone interested in curriculum planning for D&T, especially heads of department, those with responsibility roles and aspiring leaders.


  • The course gives participants tools and ideas to develop a curriculum plan but doesn't provide an off the shelf ‘one size fits all’ scheme of learning or curriculum model as every D&T department is different. 
  • The course doesn't include content to support KS3 cooking and nutrition or GCSE food preparation and nutrition although some reference will be made to how food contributes to D&T at KS3 .
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Resources participants get

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  • Audit tools to review the curriculum at KS2, KS3, D&T GCSE and A level (note the main focus of the course is on KS3 and D&T GCSE but prior learning at KS2 and building a strong ground for A level will also be considered).
  • Resources to support elements of the course content e.g. examples of retrieval activities linked to key learning areas, several example activities that illustrate ideas and strategies outlined in the online session.
  • Mini material sample pack linked to activities in the live online session
  • Resources to be able to carry out interactive hands on activities during the live online session. 
  • Detailed guidance on carrying out follow up activities as part of a self directed learning programme. This guidance may be suitable to use as whole department activities. 
  • Important note: Participants will be sent resources to use during some of the online activities so make sure we have the name of the person these have to be sent to. 
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Technical requirements to access the course

For the best experience we recommend:

  • Accessing the session via a computer as this will enable you to see the detail of the content better
  • Use of headphones as this will enable the use of audio/video interaction where applicable
  • Space on your work table will allow you to take part in some of the interactive activities
  • Important note: Participants will be sent resources to use during some of the online activities so make sure we have the name of the person these have to be sent to
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What participants say about the course

  • I liked the fact there were interactive, hands on activities even though it was an online course. This has really got me thinking about our curriculum and how we will adapt our approach. 
  • I found the session extremely useful and it will definitely help improve standards across our department.  The resources are perfect for helping with embedding knowledge in our curriculum. 
  • The sessions were really insightful for me and will help so much as I revamp KS3 & 4.
  • Such valuable training. I’m looking forward to planning & coming up with new ideas. 
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