A special christening gift 

I am lucky that part of my job allows me to design and make things a lot of the time. My work training textiles teachers means I am often planning projects for teachers and students. When I am not doing that I am planning more craft based workshops for adults and young people thinking about projects people would like to do just for fun. Then there is my own work as a part time designer maker which means I am designing and making things for to sell.

Sometimes though the fact that it is my ‘job’ means that I often have my ‘business’ hat on when doing projects. It was therefore nice recently to have a project that had a little more personal meaning to it.

I needed a present for my niece’s Christening and wanted to make this something more personal than just buying something from a shop. I already sell notebook covers and had the idea of using one of these but making it more personalised.

I embellished the cover by decorating the surface with yarns and beads.

I personalised it with machine embroidery of the baby’s name, weight, and date of birth along with a message from myself and my husband. 

I also added a bookmark tag to make it feel more special.

I also wanted the inside of the notebook to be a special memento and as my sister-in-law had put lots of comments on Facebook during her pregnancy I printed these out from the time she had her first scan to the birth of the baby and stuck these down along with print outs of the baby in her first few months to fill up the pages. The Facebook comments will, of course, always be on Facebook for the baby to see but this will be something special that can be looked at easily to remind both mum and baby what a special journey this was.  

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